Technologically advanced new AI SEnuke TNG Software

Guys, I am a tech freak. When it comes to Artificial intelligence or AI in short, i am a big fan. So when last week SEnuke TNG was released to the public, i was too exited. I have been following from the day of launch till today & i must say people are getting in line to buy this software.

It all started with Google & it’s free organic search for which many internet marketers & advertisers try to get their websites ranked top in search engines. This has led to enormous competition. The technology or domain to achieve this was born & it was named as Search engine optimization or SEO in short.

Now before this AI era, people used to write reviews of products solely based on their experience of the software & promote it at various forums manually. Word of mouth was big & used to get hundreds of sales to people. But slowly this changed because people started getting greedy & Google was forced to make changes in their search algorithm. They released penguin update which cleaned spam from their search. Thousands of websites & spammy SEO business lost their business

Google launched ‘panda’ update which removed duplicate content & more spam from the internet resulting in fresh sites getting top spots. These sites constantly updated their content & added fresh new content. But imagine doing this with promotions all alone by a single person. It became tedious & thus was born the AI called as Senuke. This took internet marketing world by storm.

The team of Senuke released 2nd most popular version of their software termed as Senuke Xcr — crowd source technology. This was good & achieved results no doubt. But due to constant changes in algorithm’s they had to redesign their software from scratch & thus came into existence SEnuke TNG.

You can read the full review of SEnuke TNG here

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You can also watch the below videos to know more about the features of this powerful SEO software

SEnuke TNG Review

SEnuke TNG — New Campaign Wizard Video as below

SEnuke TNG review of Article Manager

SEnuke TNG review of Captcha solving

SEnuke TNG review of Crowd research technology

Review of Senuke TNG Indexing Feature

Creation of Wizard campaign review using SEnuke TNG

Review of Senuke TNG proxies

Hope you guys liked this article & the videos. If you want any more information of this software please do not hesitate to leave your comments. Thank you & have a good day