Day 500 — Civil Rights Museums — Haibun Journey Beauty Each Day

Today’s beauty was visiting the civil rights museums in Montgomery, Alabama. We stopped over night in Alabama on our trip and decided to visit some of the civil rights places before we left. First we went to the Civil Rights Memorial Museum. Here we read about many of those who gave their lives for the civil rights movement. It was a very educational and moving experience. Next we went to Dexter King Memorial Baptist Church. We had a great tour guide with a phenomenal singing voice. She actually got my daughter to stand at Martin Luther King Jr’s podium and say in front of the group “How long? Not long.” Then we went to the Rosa Parks Museum.

Though these things are sad, it is amazingly beautiful ho ordinary people moved our country forward from segregation. It is beautiful how strangers can touch your lives. I am grateful to our tour guide who spoke such meaningful truths and words of advice to my daughter.

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