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3 min readMay 3, 2022


May 3, 2022

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Project Adashe is poised to be the definitive blockchain and cryptocurrency for space.

The core objective of Project Adashe is eliminating inefficiencies and restrictions in payments, transacting and record keeping via space based technologies, in order to achieve this goal Project Adashe is excited to announce the start of its partnership with Arkisys.

With a more definitive partnership agreement/contract in place, Arkisys has issued an intention to be partner with Project Adashe and will accept the Adashe crypto currency as a form of payment on its port.

About Project Adashe

Since the emergence of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, the way we live, work, play, and pay has changed forever.

But even more than a decade later, payments are still plagued by inefficiencies and frustrating limitations.

Something needs to change on a fundamental level and seeing as we couldn’t find the solution — we made it. How? By turning to the skies.

Developed by aerospace inventors, engineers, tech leaders and crypto pioneers, Adashe solves the many problems that are associated with transactions and tracking ownership in space.

Project Adashe will help establish a standardized industry framework for operating within the space ecosystem. While aerospace is at the core of Adashe’s advent, Adashe is designed to have wide-ranging flexibility beyond that, with applications ranging from IOT to Finance.

Before the Adashe nodes/ blockchain system is fully built and deployed, token and coin holders can participate in a DeFi platform to earn interest as well as several Metaverse environments.

Companies of all types are welcome to and incentivized to join project Adashe via the Venture Initiate (VI), VI is the investment and growth vehicle for Project Adashe.

An investment vehicle that is part of the Project Adashe ecosystem invests in initiatives that help grow the Adashe ecosystem as well as share its profit with holders of the Adashe Founders NFT and participants of the DeFi.

A stable coin is necessary for currency relative stability and predictability in industries where that is of utmost importance, the Adashe token is used to back the stable coin.

The Adashe ecosystem will gradually transition to be run by a DAO but starts out centralized.

About Arkisys

Arkisys ( is building one of the first Business Platforms in Space for new Technology Hosting, Satellite Integration, Assembly and Resupply. “The Port,” as it is called, is a lighthouse on orbit and a beacon to enable existing and new customers and markets in Earth orbit, the Moon, Mars and beyond. The Arkisys Port supports scalable and rapid prototyping, new payload and technology testing, assembly and integration of new free-flying space platforms, and destinations for orbital transfer vehicles and on-orbit assembly and manufacturing. Arkisys is unlocking undiscovered markets and enabling pioneering technologies for the new ecosystem of space development, supporting emerging industries valued at over 3 trillion dollars.


The Adashe community continues to expand to include more businesses that embody the Adashe spirit and will further enrich our global presence. Current community companies include: Advanced Rockets Corporation (ARC), Arkisys, PalRemit,, Auby, — all of whom will accept the Adashe coin for payment of services, but also play key roles within the ecosystem.

Whether you’re in IOT, finance, or any other niche — even agriculture for that matter — Project Adashe can have an immediate impact for you.

Our DeFi platform, open tokenomics model, projects, and the industry partners in our ecosystem are bringing the emerging multi trillion-dollar space economy down to Earth for everyone to enjoy.

Project Adashe is set for launch on the 7th of June 2022.

Visit our website at to learn more and get some Adashe tokens now!

Join us on Discord and Twitter, join the movement, and let’s make Project Adashe a reality — together!

Project Adashe. The Definitive Cryptocurrency for Space.





Project Adashe

The Definitive Cryptocurrency for Space