A Letter.

I have watched your tears flow endlessly into the rivers of time,

Heard the thunder of your cries echoing through the earth,

Seen the bruises on your body from blind fists coated with hate,

Known the longing in your soul, only wanting to love and be loved.


Your daughters bear witness,

To the cracking of your necks,

As they carry the weight of your body,

But not your soul.

The ground bears witness too,

Bodies on sand on bodies on sand on bodies on...

Time bears witness,

To the taming of your minds through dogma and tales of who you are not,

To the collar on your necks,

To the heaviness of your souls,

To the forgetting of yourself.

But I bear witness,

To a time when you knew your truth and walked this earth as light in body,

To a time where your divinity wasn’t plagued by oppression, pain and suffering.


You do not see,

But I weep for you,

Tears as rays of redemption,

Redemption in remembering,

That you are light just as I am,

That you are love just as I am.

A creator of planets,

A former of space,

A bender of time,

A star light,

Being through body in this vessel of life,

The divine gift of the universe,

Given to me to give to you,

With every heart beat.

For I am being through you,

As you are being through me.


So if you forget,

And feel your light flickering,

Look up,

I’ll be here.

If you feel alone,

Betrayed and hurt by the world,

Your father, brother, lover, friend,

Look up,

I’ll be here.

And if at night the moon isn’t there,

I hope the stars remind you of me,

And soothe your tears,

Till I return in the morning.




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