I recently went through of phase of self discovery after overcoming a very devastating life event. What I learned from the experience is that we have it wrong sometimes about the idea of love. We are often preaching, love, love love and sometimes forget to talk about how important it is to be loved back. Fundamentally, to live is to love and to love is to be loved. When I discovered this, I realized why some of my past relationship never reach the finish line. To simplify this post, I wrote a poem to express my discovery. Enjoy

My father was a question

My mother, a bright arrow

And I a broken vessel

But time was our lesson

Inspite of oppression

This close to depression

And now my confession

I can now say that

I have never truly lived

For to live is to love

And to love is to be loved

How else can i explain

Why children are missing fathers

And mothers are being parents

While parents are missing purpose

And children birthing children

I discovered

that my deepest love

My mother. never made it past 40

And I’ve been searching without knowing

That… to love is to be loved

And the only love i ever knew well was God

So humans never made it

Like my ex, we missed the altar

And i realized now

That we both needed love

Deep love, real love

Our Father’s hugs

There’s a space in heaven for mothers

Mothers should never go to hell

Because it’s hell raising children

With absent fathers

Changing diapers without a paycheck

And nothing on earth

can fill the void of a father

Even broken homes with fathers

Are still better than broken hearts with questions

Truth is

It was never our fault

They didn’t teach us That

thunders come with storms

But never lasts like rain

And when you get scared in the rain

It’s because you’re not focus on the cleanse

But when you grow up without answers to some questions

You end up with scars without wounds

So when she told me she loved me

I had questions, we didn’t have an answer

So we parted with hearts broken

What a mess, we failed the test

Fast forward past forgiveness

Accepting that I was broken

Made way for the healing

The fault wasn’t mine

And the burden wasn’t hers

We just needed time

To discover that we both missed the mark

And at my next chance at love

No need to fight

I know now what i don’t have

I know more what i can give

Even more what i do need

And that is

Simply to be loved