. It was the shift after mine and the crazy ex’s long talk on the phone. I had battled with myself over whether or not to tell GI Joe what happened. I didn’t want to upset her anymore than she was, but I knew that I hadn’t spoken with anyone that I would call “emotionally stable”. I think back to my own screwed up situation with my newly ex ,Ken Barbie, and how I wished that I knew just who he was behind closed doors.

. GI Joe was straight to business as usual when I see him. With such dignity he hides his personal issues behind his professional. and put-together manner. I decide that it is not yet time to divulge this information yet. But it wasn’t long until his phone once again is pinging nonstop and his conversations with whomever is on the other end are not fit for the publicity of the station day room. After quite some time outside, he returns looking quite exhausted. I try to act as if I don’t notice, but it wasn’t long after we get to the privacy of our rig that he tells me how his 48 hours off were.

. It sounds as if she spent the rest of our time off subjecting her array of emotions on him. I feel as if I need to tell him now what we had talked about two days before. Disgust washes over his face as I explain the conversation that I had with his ex two days before. He explained to me that he was also dealing with her accusations to him. Our conversation this time is so brief. He apologizes for me having to get involved and than finds a hiding place to call her back.

. It was a long slow shift that day. I didn’t see him very much. It was nearing the end of the first 12 hours of our 24, when suddenly my phone pings with the same unfamiliar number that called me two days before. It was her again, this time a long and drawn out cursing of me and my dignity for telling her husband about our conversation. She then states that she can only assume that I lied to her and I was actually to fault for their failing marriage. She then divulged that today would’ve been there 16th wedding anniversary and for me to enjoy it with him.

. Her words were relentless. I had never been involved in such a scandal. It rocked me to my core the accusations that she made. I quickly found him and let him read what she had sent me. I didn’t know what to do. Should I answer her back or erase it and act like nothing happened. I always had quite a temper. I was so angry and so many things that I wanted to say but decided that it was inappropriate.

. The rest of the shift was quiet and somber. We didn’t share any enlightening conversations like we had before. It was honestly disappointing. I had found such a friend in such an unexpected place. The end of the shift comes, and what was actually an awkward exchange of goodbyes and see you next shift. I get in my car, confused at what had transpired over the last 24 hours. It was so confusing to me as to why I was so disappointed at the lack of conversation with GI Joe. How did I find myself in the middle of this. Why does she think I’ve had anything to do with this. And nearing the end of my long and lonely drive, my phone pings again. It was a call me if when you can IM from GIJoe. Really?! Now I’m really lost. So I quickly hit. dial on his number. An equally confused voice answers my call. He definitely didn’t sound like the headstrong G.I. Joe that I knew. He was almost stumbling for words but he finally works out a question that I never would have thought he would ask me. He asked if I would like to go out to lunch with him that day. I quickly said yes and our conversation was over after making arrangements to meet him in the city.