Announcing an HSA and Retirement Course for CPA, EA, and CFP licensed professionals

My colleague, Roy Ramthun, and I just published the first continuing education (CE) course for licensed accountants (CPAs), enrolled agents (EAs) and financial advisors (CFPs) on the subject of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and integrated retirement planning. We partnered with continuing education provider Beacon Hill Financial Educators to develop a course which not only covers the details of HSAs, but also provides necessary context for financial and tax planning professionals for continuing education credit.

CPAs, EAs and CFPs can earn necessary credit while also expanding their knowledge base to help clients navigate increasingly complex financial decisions.

Roy, “Mr. HSA,” led the US Treasury Department’s implementation after Congressional legislation created them in 2003. Aaron, a Certified Financial Planner and IRS Enrolled Agent, is the co-founder of HSA Coach, a financial wellness app focused on HSA education, planning and administration. Together we felt the time was right to bring changes in consumer health insurance into mainstream money management, presented in a convenient format for financial consultants and advisors to help them spread the word.

Health Insurance and Health Saving Decisions Increasingly a Wealth Management Opportunity

As background, individuals and families are increasingly participating in HSA-qualified High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs), driving an explosion in HSA adoption. While HDHP consumers pay less in monthly insurance premiums than traditional plans, they must meet higher minimum out of pocket expense thresholds. Combined with access to a tax friendly, long term geared savings account, the HSA, this shift in health insurance features has implications for monthly individual cash flow, tax and financial planning, among a host of related areas.

By developing a dual-credit CE-certified course which not only covers the details of Health Savings Accounts, but also integrates HSAs with broader tax and financial planning using popular long term savings programs such as 401(k)s and Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs), CPA, EA and CFP licensed professionals can earn necessary education credits to maintain their credentials while also expanding their knowledge base for clients. As health care costs continue to consume a greater portion of US consumer’s budget during both their working and retirement years, having more knowledgeable, trusted advisors helping clients navigate this changing landscape will become increasingly important to achieving their financial goals.

Where to Find, Credits for Professionals

The course can be found at Beacon Hill Financial Educators using the following link — and offers offers Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) 1.5 hours of credit and IRS Enrolled Agents (EAs) and Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) 1 hour of credit.

About Aaron, CFP, EA

Aaron Benway is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and IRS Enrolled Agent (EA). He co-founded HSA Coach, a digital tool to educate consumers on HSAs, track health expenses and other documents, and provide individual financial calculators, to help consumers get the most from their HSA and other savings. To help individuals directly with their financial planning and wealth management requirements he founded AB Financial Planning.

Prior to HSA Coach Aaron was the CFO of HelloWallet, a financial wellness software startup purchased by investment research firm Morningstar. Earlier in his career Aaron was an investor at The Carlyle Group and a nuclear engineer in the US Navy. Aaron has an Electrical Engineering degree from the US Naval Academy and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Aaron lives in the Washington DC area with his wife and two children.

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