HSA Coach App New Release Feature — Multiple Icons in Calendar Events

Check Out the New Look Icons in the HSA Coach Calendar section

This week we released the latest feature to HSA Coach, one we are excited to share and hope you will be as enthusiastic as we are over the potential.

First, an overview of “the problem.” Doctor visits, laboratory testing and other healthcare encounters generally make it to our personal calendar, at least if we want to arrive to the doctor’s office on time. But where do you keep all the information associated with the visit? Sure, co-pays and other eligible out of pocket expenses may show up in our credit card statement — if we retain those — but what about everything else associated with the visit?

For instance, where do the follow-up appointments, the labs requisition forms and results, other exams, visit summaries, not to mention the expenses like travel and mileage expenses (yes, even airline tickets can count). Where should the expansive set of activities, documents and costs associated with this little calendar entry go?

We felt we had the beginnings of an answer — the HSA Coach calendar function.

With this latest release we’ve updated the HSA Coach calendar menu — recall it already syncs with your iCal or Google Calendar — to not only add specific expenses and documents, but also see review the associated graphical icons in the calendar entry.

Pretty cool, huh?

This makes recording health-related events easier than ever, and very visual. See a screen shot of what I’m talking about. Feeling it?

Ever since the team mentioned this we’ve been excited about the possibility, and this day has been long in the making.

How might you use this?

These options and more have their own icons

Well, lets use a recent example from my own household. My young daughter had an annual physical checkup scheduled. She also happened to have her blood drawn — a first — and we received a referral to an optomitrist and an audiologist (big day for a little girl).

Both this day’s reporting encounter, to include her height, weight and shot record, as well as new bloodwork, specialist referrals, follow-up appointments, mileage and parking expenses, and the co-pay, can all be associated with this appointment through separate icons. I can see what I’ve uploaded and what may still be outstanding, perhaps loose sheets of paper lying around. I can also upload my insurance claim and any outstanding bill the provider may send.

This makes record keeping very easy, intuitive and, with this latest update very visual. It can further lower data entry and usage barriers preventing consumers from helping build a repository of useful data for health care. This is data that I not only own, but can control and use at future appointments, if I may have forgotten to bring hard copies (guilty).

Given my recent experience on a larger medical issue, my hope is it becomes routine. You will find your health documentation habit rewarded somewhere down the line, I promise.

We are very excited about this development and think you will be as well. As a parent of kids who need periodic checkups and evaluations, as well as the parents who have healthcare obligations themselves, keeping up with health care information, including the HSA qualified expenses, is an admin task few relish. With our new icons and imagery, we hope we’ve lowered the barrier for many of you!

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About Aaron Benway, CFP, EA — Aaron is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP)and IRS Enrolled Agent (EA). He co-founded HSA Coach, a digital tool to educate consumers on HSAs, track health expenses and other documents, and provide individual financial calculators, to help consumers get the most from their HSA and other savings. To help individuals directly with their financial planning and wealth management requirements he founded AB Financial Planning.

Prior to HSA Coach Aaron was the CFO of HelloWallet, a financial wellness software startup purchased by investment research firm Morningstar. Earlier in his career Aaron was an investor at The Carlyle Group and a nuclear engineer in the US Navy. Aaron has an Electrical Engineering degree from the US Naval Academy and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Aaron lives in the Washington DC area with his wife and two children.

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