A Day in the Life Journal — Day 1

I live a hectic life filled with career, family and personal activities going on all the time. A full-time job, multiple side projects, a wife, two kids, two dogs, parents, in-laws and neighbors help me pass through a day without a lick of boredom.

I’ve decided to start a life journal here to allow the Internet at large to get a glimpse into my world and the thoughts that run through my head on a daily basis. I promise this journal will not be boring and never serious. I promise everything I say is wife approved so I’m not looking at a divorce in the near future.

Some incidents may be exaggerated for entertainment purposes but that’s usually not necessary.

Anyway, let’s start this journal today; Day 1 07/12/17.

Day 1:

4:45AM: Woken up with no covers. The wife has decided I need no covers to sleep. Typical. If I did the same thing, I’d get murdered. Double standards, I tell ya.

5:48AM: Wake up, reach for my iPhone and it’s dead. I thought I plugged it in last night. Looks like the wife decided to pull a fast one and steal my charging brick but keep the USB cable intact. Sneaky.

3:02PM: I hear someone barreling down the stairs to my office. Gotta be the wife. What’s it this time? She’s probably got another four honey-dos to add to the list…oh wait..she’s bearing checks from clients! Nm, honey, you’re welcome to come down any time you’d like!

2:12PM: Feels like the ADHD meds are wearing off. Let’s listen to some soothing focus music on Spoti…….AHHHHHHHHHHHHH BANG YOUR HEAD!!! AHHHHHHHHHH. Dammit! Guess I didn’t turn down the volume after I was jamming out to heavy metal earlier. Now I’m awake!

3:20PM: Me: “I’m right about this.” Wife: “Probably but I just need to hear it from someone else.” Someone else: “He’s right.” Me: “Told you so”. This will probably happen again next week.

4:07PM: Man, I really gotta pee but I really want to get this thing done first. Holding…

4:15PM: Random thought: Aren’t there people that actually want to document their entire life by strapping a Go-Pro to their head? That’d take some ferocious editing! I’ll just stick to a humorous online journal.

4:28PM: Typical text from the 8-year old daughter. She’d probably start stealing stuff to pay for her iPad addiction if we didn’t eventually put a stop to it.

4:38PM: Text from a family member: “I’ve got another virus. Can you fix it, please?” FML

4:39PM: Me: “I don’t see it in my remote access application. Is it on?”

4:43PM: Family member: “No. It says boot device not found”. FML #2

4:45PM: The misery is too much. I can’t hold it anymore. I give up. I’m going to have to walk the 10 ft to my downstairs bathroom. #FirstWorldProblems

5:09PM: Looks over at the fidget spinner my daughter got me. “Why are these things so popular anyway” Pick up and spins…. oooooo…pretty!

5:39PM: As I’m casually listening to my song on Spotify, all of a sudden it goes quiet and turns to some new age, bubble gum song. WTF? The wife is overriding me again by playing her crap with Alexa. *sigh* I gotta get that changed.

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