Why are Recruiters often considered the Interlopers?

I’ve wondered, why do people never trust a recruiter, especially from an agency or a consulting firm? I always used to think that it would have been about past experiences, which might have ended on a bad note or maybe because the job seeker just didn’t want to give out too much information.

But in the same light, would you not hire a lawyer’s services and when one is listening to their advice on how to solve your problems, you would follow that advice, and not ignore it? Or maybe even goto a doctor, ask him for a solution and then follow his prescription and instructions. So why does a recruiter have to be any different?

I realised 2 things in the past 9 years of recruitment. First and foremost, since recruiters give out free advice to job seekers, mostly they are never taken seriously. Who does? Free advice is very easy to ignore and easy to come by too, as far as I’ve seen. Secondly, and this happens quite a lot, people always feel that recruiters are trying to push them into something which is not the right fit for them; rather than finding out the jobs which are the right fit for them.

But then again, you do have to realize, this is a gamble we have to take. When hunting for a role, if one said that “I want A, B, C only and I won’t even be ready to consider D”, that’s like closing doors and opportunities further down the road. It’s like getting into a casino and saying that “I will bet only on the odds for which I am sure to win”. Well, that’s definitely crazy right?

Recruiters do have their candidate’s best interests at heart, well atleast we try to. And that trusting us in some matters, might not hurt and is not a dangerous path to be chosen. We love it when candidates come back and recommend us, we truly do! We find referrals given on such basis, are an amazing way to get in touch with new people.

I’m also pretty sure that you are thinking “No way! I know what that recruiter did to me once……”. There are exceptions to every rule!!