Keep Up with the Latest Instagram Updates

Feb 8 · 2 min read

Much like its parent company Facebook, Instagram has already rolled out a few new features in January 2020. In order to best use Instagram for your brand marketing, it’s crucial to stay on top of the platform’s updates. Here are a few of the latest changes to keep in mind for your 2020 marketing strategy:

  • New growth analytics. Instagram already has one of the best native Insights sections out there, and now they’re adding more analytics options. The new Growth Analytics section will show you which specific posts/stories are helping you gain followers. This is an exciting new feature that can help you figure out which content is working best for your brand.
  • View aggregated story mentions. This is a huge step for Instagram in terms of social listening and user-generated content. You can now view an aggregated list of stories that have mentioned your brand in the last 24 hours. This feature can be found at the top of the Activity tab.
  • Inbox organization options. You can now separate your inbox into two tabs: Primary and General. You simply swipe on the messages to start sorting them into one of the two tabs. Now you’ll see Primary messages first and get automatic notifications for those.

All of these new features are super helpful to Instagram business pages, so make sure to take advantage of them now!

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