Usian Bolt Loses a Gold Medal

On January 25, Usian Bolt was stripped of one of his nine Olympic gold medals after his teammate tested positive for a performance-enhancing drug. Nesta Carter, who was on the gold medal winning 4x100m relay team with Bolt in 2008, had his samples from 2008 re-tested by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). His samples tested positive for methylhexaneamine, a drug which has been prohibited since 2004. As a result, the IOC disqualified the entire relay team and ruled that all four members of the team must return their medals.

Although it was only one member of the relay team who was doping, I agree with the IOC’s decision to take the medals from all four members of the team. Carter using a PED gave his entire relay team an unfair advantage over the other teams, so it’s only fair to take away the gold. Doping is a huge problem in track and field, and a zero-tolerance policy could help deter other athletes from using prohibited drugs.

Bolt will have one more opportunity to win gold. He plans on retiring after running the 100m at 2017 World Championships in London.