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Planning for a big international travel trip is exciting but also overwhelming. There are so many decisions to make for the course of travel, which destinations to visit, how to plan the budget, where to stay and eat, the do’s and don’ts of traveling, and more. It’d be nice to have a go-to list of tips that can smooth things out a little when it comes to travel planning.

Here’s one such list for you:

1. Have an Exclusive Travel Budget Ready

It’s always wise to have a financial plan ready to support your traveling. After all the wonderful travel experiences, you don’t want to come back home only to be greeted by mounting debts.

2. Select Few Destinations to Visit

In an attempt to see more, you may end up feeling fatigued and uninspired because of frequent traveling from one destination to another. Instead try devoting more time to fewer number of destinations.

3. Be Ready to Embrace the Unpredictable

Travel is nothing if not subject to unpredictable changes. For instance, you may decide to skip a destination or spend more time at another one. Leave enough room in your itinerary to accommodate such changes. And most importantly, don’t lose your patience and cool!

4. Prepare a “To Remember” List

Passport, credit card, debit card, identification cards, batteries, chargers, etc., there’s a long list of travel essentials that you’ll need to remember. Do yourself a favor and write all of them down.

5. Get a Travel Insurance

A super important step in your travel planning is getting a good travel insurance. Nobody wants to assume the bad possibilities, but during your travel you may fall sick, get injured or lose your valuables. Having a travel insurance will protect you against such unfortunate incidents.

6. Keep Your Packing Light and Smart

Start with the utmost basic essentials, proper clothing, medications, comfortable footwear, toiletries, etc. Remember not to over-stuff your bag.

7. Learn the Basics of the Local Language

You don’t have to become multi-lingual, but just learn a few basic phases in the local languages of the destinations that you plan to visit. You should even download the dictionary apps for these languages.

8. Interact with the Locals

The best part about international traveling is that you get to learn about different cultures and traditions. The way to do that is by engaging with the local populations. So don’t hesitate to strike casual conversations with local strangers that you meet during your travel!

9. Offbeat is Good, But So is Mainstream

Taking the road less traveled seems to be the current travel trend. This usually involves visiting offbeat parts of a destination. While this is great, it’s not a substitute for visiting the main tourist attractions of the destination. So try your hand at offbeat locations, but not at the expense of exploring the popular tourist attractions.

10. Keep the Doors of Your Mind and Heart Open

While traveling abroad, you may encounter people with opinions, customs and lifestyle that are in stark contrast to what you are used to. Refrain from being judgmental, instead try your best to understand and embrace them for what they are.

11. Lastly, Take Care of Your Health

Long trips can take a toll on the physical health. But only a nourished body and mind can enjoy traveling. So, pay attention to your nutrition and hydration all throughout the trip.

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