An amazing adventure coming to an end

Hi FLAVR-community

Around 2 years ago, we decided to start a new adventure based on our love for authentic food, passion for entrepreneurship, and the ambition to change the food industry. FLAVR was born. We provided home chefs the new opportunity to sell their home-cooked meals to people in their neighbourhood. In 2 years, we connected over 5.000 talented home chefs with over 20.000 foodies. It’s therefore with a very heavy heart that we announce today that this wonderful adventure will come to an end. FLAVR will stop its platform operations as from Wednesday May 9th.

We were on a mission:

Connecting talented homechefs with everyone in their neighbourhood. ❤️

Through FLAVR we gave the opportunity to homechefs to take their hobby to the next level, with success! We even witnessed FLAVR-chefs starting their own professional food businesses.

Besides enabling our chefs to monetize their hobby, FLAVR also wanted to have a social impact. Food connects people, and so did FLAVR. New friendships were born over a good FLAVR meal. Take-out moments even became spontaneous parties. We believe that this is one of our biggest achievements, to connect people based on their love for authentic food.

However, building a 2-sided marketplace is an extremely hard job. You have to convince two customers instead of just one. FLAVR had to focus both on the acquisition of its chefs and its users. This required us to build a large community from day 1, since we needed the critical mass to properly connect supply with demand. Unfortunately, we have to conclude that we did not manage to build a sustainable business model in the limited time we had.

It is therefore with a heavy heart that we announce the end of FLAVR. Our platform will shut down definitely as from Wednesday May 9th. Therefore, we would advise everyone to enjoy a FLAVR meal of your favourite chef at least one more time.

It all started with a simple idea. However, ideas are easy. Execution is not. We would have never come so far, learned so many things, and built such a wonderful community without the help of so many people. Therefore, we would like to thank the following people in particular:

  • Our FLAVR-chefs: thank you for all your energy, love for food, and all the hours you have spent in your kitchen to prepare the perfect meal for our FLAVR users. You were a true inspiration for us and we hope you’ll never stop exploring your culinary adventures. Without you, there was no FLAVR.
  • Our FLAVR users: thank you so much for all your orders. You did not only help to build our dream, but also the dream of our chefs. That is something none of us will ever forget.
  • Our investors: you believed in us before anyone else did. We are genuinely very grateful for all the trust, support and opportunities you gave us. We learned a tremendous amount of valuable business lessons from you, which definitely made us to step up our game and become better entrepreneurs.
  • Our FLAVR-team: Jolien, Maarten, Jakob, Matthias, Michiel, Jeroen. You truly were the beating heart of our company and we will never forget about all the good and bad moments we went through together. You shared our dream and helped us with so much positive energy and dedication. Thank you for making this adventure magical.
  • Our interns: Astrid, Annelore, Anneleen, Jef, Annelies, Jolien, Julie. You showed us over and over again how much grit young driven people can have. Thank you for all the effort, enthusiasm and creativity.
  • Our FLAVR commercial partners: we had the privilege to work together with your brands. With your support, we were able to accomplish and provide so many wonderful things for our community.
  • Our friends, family and partners: thank you so much for your endless support during this adventure. You joined us in celebrating our victories and helped in particular to get us back on our feet after the many setbacks one has to endure as a (first time) entrepreneur.
  • A very special thanks to ‘our Tim’: he started as an intern and worked his way up at lighting speed to become our general manager, who has managed our community and platform as from the summer of 2017. Thank you so much for everything, Tim!
  • Everyone who helped us in any way during our FLAVR-adventure but who we forgot to thank. Thank you.

Although FLAVR will end its operations in the near future, we are certain that the love for home-cooked, authentic food will never fade away. We are proudly looking back with our head held high to this magical adventure FLAVR has been. 
 Thank you again for being part of it. ❤️👊

Alexander & Moos