Protect Life and Productivity with Hughes Emergency Safety Showers

Emergency is something that comes without warning. Therefore, it is crucial to be always prepared to face any situation, no matter how difficult or complicated it is. To keep people working in hazardous conditions, governments in most nations have put in strict regulations in place that binds the employer to install different kinds of safety equipment in place. Before an employee signs up for a job in sectors, such as chemical industries, he/she should inspect the facilities and settings to see if necessary safety measures have been taken to ensure a safe work environment.

Emergency safety showers — A must for laboratories that uses hazardous chemicals
An emergency safety shower station is a vital equipment that every laboratory which uses chemicals and hazardous substances needs. The purpose of installing different kinds of safety showers and eyewash is to reduce workplace injury and keeping workers away from various dangers.

When you work in an industry that utilizes a variety of chemicals and other hazardous substances it becomes crucial to use safety showers in order to cleanse yourself off the chemicals that might accumulate on your body. If one remains in contact with such hazardous substances for longer periods of time, it can lead to serious medical conditions and even death.

Safety shower — how does it work?
It is a small unit that is specially designed to wash an individual’s head and body which has come in contact with hazardous chemicals. Large volumes of water are used that flows at very high pressure and that is why a person cannot use it for flushing the eyes, due to the high pressure of water from the shower. Hughes emergency safety showers are the preferred choice of most industries as they offer a great deal of variety in different price ranges.

Eyewash station
As the name suggests, this kind of units are used for washing chemicals or substances that might splash into an individual’s eyes before he or she can seek further medical attention. The user needs to wash their eyes for at least 20 minutes.

Combination units
A combination is a special kind of safety unit that has the ability to flush any part of the body or all of the body. It is an appropriate unit for workplaces where the hazardous operations involve many chemicals with different properties. Also, combination units play an important role in situations where the victim is in too much pain or agony and cannot follow the instructions properly.

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