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There is a truth to digital age publishing that is so obvious, that I’m almost embarrassed to put finger to keyboard to type it:

In an attention-poor age, we need to be more thoughtful about what we publish. Adding to our readers’ over-saturated content diets without good reason isn’t helping them or us.

I’ve written about this many times down the years this site has existed, but for all that, people still seem vaguely surprised when a publisher or researcher reaffirms the truth of it.

A case in point: Dr Joy Jenkins’s new research into local news models, and this rather excellent…

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We’re nearly a week into 2019, and I think this is going to be one of the most significant tweets of the year:

On the minuscule chance you’re not aware of what this is all about, it’s the new Congresswoman’s response to the oh-so-very-shocking revelation that she danced in a video while a student. Here’s the whole “monstrosity” for you to “endure”.

Her political opponents tried to weaponize it, by highlighting it as negative in a tweet:

This was a pretty poor effort — she was a university student, not in high school, and the video was actually part of an active meme from…

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I just came on to Twitter for the conversation, honest.

I joined Twitter in the long-ago days of 2006, the 40,523rd person to join the service. It took me a little while to “get” it, but I became an enthusiastic and passionate user. Like most journalists, I found the real time news feed addictive, and the ability to have lightweight, fast-moving discussions with like-minded folks critical in the early days of my career in digital journalism development.

Less than 12 years on, I often dread opening Twitter. In many ways I feel I have an account there still solely because I need it for my work, not because I’m deriving any personal pleasure from it. …


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