This fluctuation isn’t a phenomenon that I dealt with when working for other people. Dealing with it as a freelancer is an emotional aspect of my career that that I never expected, and as far as I’m concerned a lot of the dialogue around the rise of freelancers and the self-employed leaves out this important nugget: that often, you feel very bad about yourself, and only sometimes is it actually warranted. But I wish more people would talk about it.
Freelancing makes me feel like a superhero and a loser at the same time
Ashley S

Tru dat.

After nearly five years as a freelancer, and having worked for some of the biggest news organisations in the world, I still go through those phases.

A Real Job (™) insulates you against the worst aspects of rejection somewhat — unless you get made redundant — but dealing with emotional knockbacks is part and parcel of the self-employed life.

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