A Journey to Better Skin

Part one : a honey and cinnamon face mask

This is a journey to having a better skin, a journey to feeling better in my skin and my body. I am exhausted of looking in the mirror and wanting to rip my skin off and change it. So, I decided to go explore the depth of the internet for at home skin care and I came across a website and after reading a few recipes, I chose a simple one with ingredients I had at home: a cinnamon and honey face mask.

this is the website: http://everydayroots.com/acne-remedies (2)

I went down to the kitchen, took out some honey, some cinnamon and a little bowl to mix the ingredients in. I used a creamy flower honey i bought at a local supermarket and saïgon cinamon. (as seen on picture below)

I put two and half tablespoons of honey and a big tea spoon of cinnamon in bowl. I started mixing the two together and decided to add a few drops of water because it didn’t blend together well enough. This is what the mixture looked like.

I recommend stacking up on some paper towels because the mask is quite drippy, not only while applying it but also while it’s sitting on your skin. I hope you don’t totally hate the smell of honey because it’s strong. Once you’ve applied the mask, you let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. I personally let it stay for 15. After the time has passed, you can just head to the bathroom and remove it with some warm water and a towel. It’s good because as you remove it the mask also exfoliates your skin as the cinnamon acts as a scrub. Now for the results: I didn’t see much at first, my skin was red because of the scrub, it didn’t feel soft but after a few minutes i started to see the first good results. My skin started to feel really warm after 15 minutes, after waiting another 10 my skin got a lot softer (and still is as i typer this almost 24 hours later), after 35/40 minutes my skin felt tighter and last but not least, after about 50 minutes, my skin lost all its redness.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend this face mask, I really like how my skin feels and looks afterwards. I would say this is a face mask to do at night and not right before something important as it takes a little while for the results to appear.