No need to Panic.

After being 11 points ahead now the gap is down to four points with six games to go and most of the Chelsea fans are panicking and fearing that we might bottle the title.

But i say there is no need to panic..

Because: Spurs have to play 3 consecutive London derbies against teams who are sworn enemies to them like Arsenal, Crystal Palace & Westham also there is another factor that may force those teams to play with more hunger, passion & desire and that factor is relegation while Arsenal have to win every game until the end and hope for other teams above them to slip up so that they can secure a UCL position, the motivation is there for the teams opposing Spurs whether it is avoiding relegation or securing a UCL spot.

Also Spurs have a not so good away form and four of the six remaining matches for them are to be played in the opposition play ground so there is a sense of optimism that they will drop points.

Lastly we have two thing that Spurs don’t have First is a world class player like Eden Hazard and secondly players who have experienced what winning a league is and who know how to grind out results and get over the line so finger crossed and come on Chelsea.