And it’s really only one word

I’ve had my own journey with chronic unexplained illness, and in my medical career, I’ve helped thousands of others to find a path out of such a situation. I’ve never found the answer to these situations in a textbook. That shouldn’t be hared to…

[NB — I was scheduled to speak at the Libertarian National Convention in Orlando ongoing now. I am attending remotely due to the increasing new cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection in that part of the country now. This is the speech I was going to give.]


We come together at a…

Some thoughts on certainty

Nothing is certain. Things only look certain when their cloud of probabilities becomes narrow enough for us to ignore the rest. When we act to affect a certainty, what we are really doing is manipulating the cloud of probabilities around that idea.

This is true for medical diagnoses though we…

Why you’re hearing about this now

How it started

About two months ago, the world first learned that there was yet another cluster of respiratory viral illness in China. This is not an infrequent story, as traditionally the flu seasons start in Asia and travel east across the Pacific. What made this story…

With apologies to Goldratt for stealing his title

My wife and I are both in Medicine. Our careers have spanned a time when the field transitioned from being lead by physicians to being managed by business people. You might think that from our point of view that this would be…

Howard Wetsman MD

Retired addictionologist retraining in data science. Solves problems with TOC. Twitter: @addictiondocMD

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