#1 Badass Bardot

YES! YESSS!!! multiple yeses to this trend. Shoulder-to-Shoulder; revealing nothing but shoulders and collarbone, I adore this trend. Made popular in the 1960s by the oh-so very stylish Brigitte Bardot. This off-the-shoulder trend is definitely “off the charts”; simple but yet so classy and easy to accessorize .

So what makes someone like you or me want to wear an off-the-shoulder anything? Well first things first, BARE SHOULDERS!!! then of course the sexy display of perfectly highlighted collar bones which will work well with gold, leather or diamond choker, with the hair pulled back in a sleek pony or high messy bun or a blunt cut bob.

This style can be worn anytime in the day to any place/event .Everyone is hopping on this trend , it’s absolutely badass

Brigiitte Bardot. Photo: Getty Images.

This is a staple statement style must-have to being “cool for the summer”.

Bardot dress with ankara(african print) . Photo: Deola by Deola Sagoe

Although you can’t really wear a bra with this style, perhaps this maybe why it’s number 1 on my list! #FREETHENIPPLE , lol. This is definitely a style i will be caught wearing, hopefully this trend stays a little longer than summer ‘16.