Amanda Green — College Girl

Entering her Sophomore year at Marquette University, Amanda Green loves representing the Golden Eagles in any way she can. At first glance, Amanda screams college sports star! She towered over me and seemed to have a relaxed energy that will take her far on the court.

Amanda came to Marquette on a volleyball scholarship as a Freshman last year. She is dedicated to the game, so much so, she has reoccurring dreams of getting hit in the face with a ball. She has had these dreams since she first started playing when she was younger. After intense practices or games, she will wake up to especially intense volleyball dreams. No matter how often she’s had them, they still startle her awake in a second.

Amanda is a Marquette girl all the way, she recounts the day she was accepted into college as one of the fondest memories of her life. She had already committed to playing volleyball but she had to get the final okay with that memorable acceptance letter.

The family back home are doing very well. Her mom works hard in the IT department at Citibank and her dad does IT work from home. Her brother has moved on to the city, working for a marketing management company in Chicago. She grew up with a cute shiatzu named, Riley. Her family loves animals but have only ever owned dogs.

Amanda is a great representation of the Marquette Golden Eagles, on and off the court!