Addison Hunt

Artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl is the first installment of a series of eight books written by Eoin Colfer. In the story, the main character, 12-year-old Artemis, is at odds with another species which includes creatures that are known as fairies. Artemis comes from a family of sophisticated crime. The fairies (similarly know as the “People”) have amassed an immense wealth that Artemis seeks to acquire with the help of his cunning wits, his personal assistant, and the assistant’s younger sister.

“Books fall open, you fall in.” What this quote means to me is that books are able to consume your mind and capture your attention in ways that many other things are just not able too. Artemis Fowl, for example, introduces the reader into a world unfamiliar to modern times. Taking place at some unforeseeable time in the future, Earth is inhabited by a large array of creatures, and almost every inch (including underground colonies) of the Earth is covered by many different complex organisms. Although this seems kind of ridiculous and incomprehensible, the way that Eoin Colfer articulates this dystopian future makes one fall into many interesting settings varying largely. Scenes of beautifully flowing hills covered with the soft glow of the sun on the countryside and grimy streets plagued with foul odors, rabid rodents, and strangers with malicious intent flood your imagination because of how the author able to portray this world. Not only are the settings interesting, the creatures that the author writes about in detail are intriguing and easily capture the reader’s attention. With that being said, this book is an easy one to “fall into”.

“Page by page, this is how we go on.” This quote is related to how a character develops throughout a story and what a character, or maybe a few characters, have to do to overcome trials and tribulations that they face. The obstacles that the main characters in this novel have to overcome have already occurred prior to the novel. The theme to the novel is that man is destructive, and this is self-evident in the habitats that the different species occupy in the novel. The fairies live underground because of what man has done to the Earth, and because of what man would do to the fairies themselves. This is how the fairies go on and prosper, by shielding themselves from the humans because they are so destructive and greedy. This is expressed throughout the story when Artemis takes the war to the fairies by extorting them to his advantage.

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