This article aims to highlight different Design System setups in Framer X, and the recommended steps to keep product teams successful through Design Systems and the Framer X Team Store.

Each Starter Kit contains an extensive ReadMe to further explain how these setups work, and gives tips on ways to…

A few packages that will supercharge your next project

Some of the packages we'll look into

It’s been a jam packed year for Framer X so far, with tons of new features emerging from the Framer team. We’ve just launched Playground, a brand new Javascript API of animations built for designers. But you can read more about the specifics here.

Since we launched back in September…

Here’s what I learned from experts working on design systems at some of the world’s most iconic companies.

As a design partnerships advocate, I spend my days speaking to product teams and learning about the steps they’ve taken to standardize their internal systems. Everyone has the same goal: to create more meaningful and cohesive products. Yet each team seems to approach this holy grail from wildly different angles.

Addison Schultz

Product Specialist @framer! Posting about anything from design to development

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