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A while back, I asked the readers of Ask Addi to make comments on why they may have a problem with the term cisgender. The answers I received ran the gamut from “it just sounds weird” to “it’s a slur you trans people made up to attack people like me.” There were also a few who said that people should be able to identify as they wish and not have a term forced on them. Those people are usually cisgender, straight and white; people who have never had an identity marker forced on them. Well, at least not since birth.

The impression I got was that a lot of people didn’t think that they needed a term to describe them because they are “normal.” …

So yes, this is about The Great Always Controversy of 2019, a “friend” spreading the misinformation a right-wing site posted, and my reaction to that post.

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What actually happened: After Proctor and Gamble added a Venus symbol to the packaging for Always pads, a few trans men and non-binary people who menstruate pointed out to them that not everyone who uses their products identifies with it. …

Sometimes you need to step away from the things you love to keep loving them

The holidays were rough for me this year. Family strife lead to what I hope is a short-term schism.

My dating life has been confusing lately. A rather cruel rejection, followed by an unexpected connection which was followed by . . . I’m not sure what to call it. It’s not a rejection though it’s not fruition either. “Up in the air” might be the best phrase for it.

My professional life has been busy. Not my day job, but my volunteer work and activism have kept me on the go. I’ve assumed positions of responsibility in two organizations in a city an hour away so all the driving can get tedious. …


Addison Smith

LGBTQIA+ diversity/sensitivity educator, trans activist, videographer, musician and writer living in the American Midwest with their cat. They/Them

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