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A while back, I asked the readers of Ask Addi to make comments on why they may have a problem with the term cisgender. The answers I received ran the gamut from “it just sounds weird” to “it’s a slur you trans people made up to attack people like me.” There were also a few who said that people should be able to identify as they wish and not have a term forced on them. Those people are usually cisgender, straight and white; people who have never had an identity marker forced on them. Well, at least not since birth.

The impression I got was that a lot of people didn’t think that they needed a term to describe them because they are “normal.” Trans folx, like me, are the weird ones, so we need a word to define us. …


Addison Smith

LGBTQIA+ diversity/sensitivity educator, trans activist, videographer, musician and writer living in the American Midwest with their cat. They/Them

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