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Imagine if you can pay most of your daytoday expenses via a crypto system,then Uptherium helps you in adhereing in this process eventhough you are a new comer,Uptherium is a parental version of several child crypto apps such as Joobra,Uptherium Pay,Ryze Alerts,My Token Swap.Uptherium eco system comprises relates with provision of blockchain based broadcast journalism 
UptheriumPay app relates with Online merchandiser e-commerce
MyTokenSwap is a app which act as an blockchain swap engine for altering different types of coins from each other which meet with the neccesity.
RyzeAlerts: Trade alerts powered AI with active binary options market

First foremostly after registering once to uptheruim just by setting a username and a password Uptherium buys you as a user.Then You’ll be benefited by apps in the ecosystem.Most of the blockchain projects fail because there’s no real use case scenario in real circumstances.But Uptherium consist of actual tokenomics which tally with the exisisting market.Every app in ecosystem of UPZ uses UPZ Token. In order to keep our economy stable UPZ is burned which means rendered unusable at a rate of 0.5% UPZ per transaction.Via the Raid the reserve programme we can colloborate towards obtaining some money.Joobra is the assitive platform of guided priotorized heading news adhering with cryptocurrency.Strong Tokenomics is the key for success. What is Tokenomics? It’s the active marketplace that’s created
with a practical reason for utilization, that’s sustainable. Let’s face it, you’ve seen blockchain projects
fail because there was no real utility or reason for the project or service model. Uptherium wins
because we have great tokenomics that cultivates our marketplace.

Many Problems keep people moving away from using this sort of crypto platforms such as availabilty of untrustworthy Platforms

Always left behinding the chances of cryptocurrency economy.
Lack of cryptocurrency wealth which means of coping up Projects that doesn’t tally with desires of faction

What’s the way which I can gain?
Uptherium’s blockchain is built with a mixed agreement rule set of Proof of Stake (PoS) and Proof of Action (PoA). With these two protocals, you have an opportunity to easily take part in verifying transactions within the ecosystem, assisting to secure the blockchain and share in the fee revenue
generated. We have the Raid the Reserve concept where a percentage of annual revenue is given back into the members of the community based on their activity.

Joobra features:
1. An Intergration of the custodian spirit pinning to top which gather

proclamations of entire categorizations, creating awareness thus giving 
notified opinions.
2. Genueine content
3. Customize your content feed. 
4. Granting makes you Gaining.Putting up ideas to Joobra will get a portion in the earnings


Quick and reliable at the most essential times, the is a multi-cryptocurrency coin exchange platform with low exchange rates and fees. Through it, you’ll be ableto swap your crypto currency for alt-coins and major coins like Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum and back again through one well organized application. This gives you more flexibility with managingyour crypto assets daily.

  • UptheriumPay

Uptherium pay deals with big-box and online retailers, allowing crypto-currency holders to purchase everyday essentials fast irrespective of the loacation.
Uptherium Pay’s dominion crypto-currency conversion method and partnerships will give users the ability to make website purchases from major platforms like desktop or mobile phone with major online retailers like Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart as well as other eCommerce businesses and brick-and-mortar stores.
Through strategic partnerships we will continue to expand the Uptherium Pay retailer network globally, adding new partners as we go.

How Does Uptherium Pay Earn Revenue?
Our key incentive drivers for this project will be low UPZ token transaction fee and rebates.
 Transaction exchange fees. Though these will be substantially lower than traditional competitors, they are enough to power and maintain a lean operation.

Shopping Rebates: Merchant rebates will help fuel revenue and share given to members who shop through UptheriumPay

Burn Contribution: Transactional at 0.05%.
 Business revenues earned here are considered for the “Raid the Reserve” program

  • Ryze Alerts
  • Ryze Alerts is a multi-market trading hub customizely designed to assist the active crypto-trader. You’ll get up-to-date analysis, upcoming market opportunities that are forming,hot trading alerts so you can make informed decisions fast and even gain insight to what the community is trading. Our AI technology scans the market for the best opportunities providing you an advantage, great for active traders and those wanting to learn to trade the crypto markets and more. And, you’ll get access to the Uptherium Binary Options Market for easy yes or no trade opportunities driven by our online community.
  • How does Ryze Alerts Earn Revenue?
    Ryze Alerts will derive revenue through two key revenue drivers.
     Monthly Subscription Model: Various subscription levels will be available from premium to basic.
     Market Trade Positions: These are trades executed by the Uptherium trading team’s efforts.

Burn Contribution: Transactional at 0.05%
 Business revenues earned here are considered for the “Raid the Reserve” program

Are My Assets Really Safe?
As new technology develops, we worry about how safe it is.
The stories of consumers logging in to check their crypto balances only to discover that the platform or wallet they use has been hacked or looted doesn’t help. And when we remember Mount Gox, things just get sour.
Because the space is still new, best practices haven’t been firmly established yet. And as interest in the crypto space grows, many trading platforms are under-prepared with slow customer service and poor response rates. These less-than-ideal conditions leave users feeling uncertain and unwelcome.That’s why we need easy-to-use, optimized platforms that are both user-friendly and safe. Platforms that make it easy to know exactly what you need to do to keep your data, and money, as secure as possible.Uptherium will support easy conversions to and from a variety of digital assets, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, XRP and other commonly used alt-coins.
To help make this ambitious project a reality, we’re developing key strategic
relationships with leading cryptocurrency exchanges like Bittrex, Poloniex, Kraken, and Binance.

How Does MyTokenSwap Earn Revenue?
MyTokenSwap will have vivid revenue sections with two key revenue drivers at the beginning Transaction exchange fees. These two will be considerably lower than traditional competitors, which are capable to iginite and maintain a lean operation. Affiliate/Merchant API accounts.Burn Contribution: Transactional at 0.05%.Business revenues gained here are considered for the “Raid the Reserve” program.

Uptherium Native Token

  • UPZ token, used for transactions in the ecosystem and low-cost Peer toPeer (P2P) transfers powers the whole Uptherium ecosystem. It’s created with fast settlement times and low transaction fees in mind. After the launch, the UPZ token will be actively
    available to exchange on our platform.

The Tokenomics of the UPZ Token
We’ve planted and are growing Our Economy
Strong Tokenomics is the key for success. What is Tokenomics? It’s the active marketplace that’s created with a practical reason for utilization that’s sustainable. Let’s face it, you’ve seen blockchain projects fail because there was no real utility or reason for the project or service model. Uptherium wins because we have great tokenomics that cultivates our marketplace

• Real Token Utility and Stored Value
• Balanced Supply and Circulation
• Growing Community Adoption
• Cryptocurrency Scalability
• Innovation Momentum
• Daily Reward chances

Because our business and our services are tied to the Uptherium token, it must remain robust and stable in order to ensure that its utility remains viable and that it can endure market downturns and other such challenges. We’ll ensure the continued health and stability of the UPZ token by “burning”
(permanently rendering un-spendable) a 0.05% of UPZ tokens during a transaction.

Burn Rate of the UPZ Token
The UPZ Token will be used with a per-transaction burn cost of 0.05%. We believe that this is a proper rate in order to ensure ecosystem stability. However, this burn rate is adjustable. As the perceived market utilization of the UPZ token changes, we may fine-tune the burn rate in order to ensure the
stability and reliability of UPZ token for transactional purposes. We pledge to always be transparent and open about this process.

Ensuring the protection
Security is the most vital thing. It’s a risk to take advantage of the crypto market if you’re not certain that your coins are safe on a public exchange. 
Uptherium’s security philosophy main principles:

• Making a design of substainable technology platform that has enough protection from external threats.we maintain our securty by helding strict audit twice a year which covers “Core Five” applications, the Uptherium wallet, and the whole Uptherium platform ecosystem.
 Uptherium uses Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) will help users to protect from malware and other security threatning attacks.

Rewarding Our Community
The Uptherium crowd is the reason this project becoming a reality. That’s why we’ve pioneered two key concurrent protocols which assist to provethe UPZ token for transactions and intentions of gaining chances based on user performance.
We keep simple, sustainable and accessible to all without using vast mining equipments.

Members only, the perks are well worth it.
1. Proof of Stake (PoS)
The Uptherium allows members to earn a percentage of the transactional fee as a reward for validating transactions when staking their UPZ token holdings through the member dashboard.
Members do this though hashing participation. Unlike Proof of Work (PoW), a computing-power
intensive process, PoS needs minimal resources and won’t put a strain on your hardware.

Partners Media and Social Media

Uptherium Social Media Platforms

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