Three slogans to avoid in your business and how to capture your unique value.

Addo Michael
Aug 27, 2019 · 4 min read

Slogans can feel good. No doubt. They can be stylish and they can give you an instant high about your business. Now close your eyes and imagine a slogan like “Best in news” or “First in Banking”. It feels good doesn’t it? But… here comes the but. And its a big BUT. But does your nice sounding slogan help to connect to your customers? Most slogans used by businesses on our local market are inward facing ego boosters.

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The problem with slogans is that many of them sound nice for the sake of being nice and rhyme for the sake of sounding nice. They do nothing to connect with your ideal customer. If your company or startup uses any of these slogans, it needs help and needs it fast.

Simply the best — your company cannot own this statement because everyone thinks they are the best

Redefining “Banking” — you are better of telling us what you are redefining banking to.

Customer First — this is just cliche and over used. Every company would want to put the customer first but how is your company doing it differently. Let’s dig deeper.

There is a better way. At the end of the day, your brand must speak a language that is native to your ideal customer and one of the most important rule in selling is to ask questions to understand the customers needs before you start selling. If your slogan is about the customer, that is a good starting point.

Growing your business though clarity, simplicity and strategy

The ultimate desire of every business is — to grow and for that to happen, companies need SALES. The natural question here is — how does a company get more sales in the short term and then in the long term? Firstly, the company must have a great product or service that delivers value or a wow experience. Now, the short term approach is to create an offer — buy one get one free or a million other direct response marketing schemes including free meals for a restaurant and percentage discounts. These are direct marketing schemes to get people to buy or engage with your product and have a taster with the hope of drawing them in to be long term customers.

Discovering the DNA of your brand

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The best approach is a brand strategy-led discovery session or workshop. Unfortunately, the word brand has become so cliche and overused that it raises all sorts of eyebrows and suspicion —the charlatans of branding have been unleashed upon our world. Among other tools including defining and aligning the customer, business goals and the brand, this strategic approach requires a certain questioning of the why — the story behind the very beginning of your business, where stakeholders engage to discover the every spirit of the organization .What emerges is a powerful blueprint that differentiates your company from the rest.

From Slogans to Value Statements

One of the results of a brand strategy workshop or a brand discovery session is a value proposition, which of course may look and sound like a slogan. The difference is vast. Steve Jobs is famously known to have said that marketing is about values. In a noisy world when we are not going to get the chance to get people to remember much about us. Therefore we have to be really clear on what we want them to know about us. And to crystallize the spirit of a brand into a few indelible words goes beyond catchy slogans. It’s a powerful tool that clarifies your brand offering.

Below are examples of value propositions that capture the uniqueness of some brands in as few words as possible.

Open Happiness — Coca Cola

The smartest way to get around — Uber

Empathetic & Discreet Care — Advocate Healthcare

The freedom to do more — Field Express

Well Behaved — Gold Coast Kenkey

Just do it — Nike

Think Different — Apple

Changing business for good — Virgin

What one, two or three words can your company own? Volvo owns the word “safety”. Coca Cola owns the word “happiness”. What does your brand stand for? Go ahead, let your value proposition go to work for you. Start with brand strategy, discover the power of your brand, communicate with verbal clarity and connect to your ideal best customers to grow your business. Start today.

by Michael Addo

Addo Michael helps companies to grow through brand strategy workshop sessions where authenticity, clarity and simplicity are used as tools to connect with would be customers and encourage sales. For further enquiries on Brand Strategy Workshops, send an email to

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