How to Increase You App Rankings on Google Play Store

After developing a new and different kind of android application, you need to focus more on to make your app rank better in Google play store. More and more people use it and provide their valuable suggestions and reviews for the app. The more downloads the app gets, the more number of people is satisfied with using the application, which tells the success story of the application itself.

It’s essential to learn and understand how Google ranks the applications in the Google Play Store. There are several factors, which helps your android application to get good rankings. Here they are,

Launching Time and Duration

Is your app is new or it’s already live from long time on Google play store? With the inventions in Smartphone and smart devices, people are looking for more advanced and new applications for their devices. If you are submitting a new app to play store, chances are there to get good ranking at the initial stage as people will curious to know more about the app. It becomes easy to get good ranking after launching of the application within a month of launch.

Category Selection

What your application is about? First, identify the right category for your apps and then submit your apps in the right category, which helps to identify by the targeted users. Also helps to reach your potential users.

Increase App Rankings in Play Store

Keywords Selection

With the selection of right category, it’s also required to set and choose keywords, which describes your app perfectly. People do app search with different commonly used words. Use keywords accordingly your app name, specification that helps it to get more downloads.

Download Ratio

A user visiting you should also check the right kind of keywords along with a good download ratio so that he knows that he got the right thing, which he is actually looking for.

Retention Ratio

Retention rate describes how many users have installed your application and kept it within their devices and who delete the app within 1 month of installing it.

User Reviews

Getting good and positive reviews for your application speak about how people really like about your application and it will gives the best effect on your app promotion on Google Play Store. In addition, good user reviews help you to get more downloads.

So, you have implemented all the basic required things, still you are getting good rankings in play store, how to improve your app store rankings more effectively? Let’s see:

  • Use Keyword research tool like Google Keyword planner to search commonly used keywords and use them in your app title and description. Also, check the latest trends related to your application with the help of Google trends, so you will get more precise idea about using the keywords.
  • Keep the hardware declaration optional in your app manifest, which helps you to increase app downloads. Avoid using different app formats for different version of android. In addition, it’s a best practice to use same codebase to extent support for different android OS versions.
  • Use applications like AppTentive to improve the reviews, which will help you to improve app ranking and enhance your download ratio.
  • Implement reliable and effective SEO strategy to improve and get more quality backlinks to your app page. It will also help to increase page rank.
  • With time, check for bugs, errors in your applications. Solve it at the earliest, and improve your apps quality and UI design to make people stay with your application.
  • With the help of Google Analytics measure your apps performance and if requires do needful changes. Check for bugs and fix it, work on different area of improvement and get higher retention ratio and good reviews for the app.

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