How do you define success of a company?

Of course, success is usually measured by the profit that comes out of the hard work made throughout the financial year. It also means to accomplish the company goals and aspirations. Every owner of a company feels elated when the company marks a niche for itself in the competitive market. They feel successful in achieving what they have aimed for. Although financial reward comes from being successful in business and its one of the key factors, success cannot be rated on this factor alone, it has other dimensions too. If a company makes success financially, it cannot get contented, the other factors which have led it to victory should also be considered.

When you experience success, you should reflect and question yourself that are you complacent with the profits made or will you be more satisfied to know that you have supported your employees with enough aids to motivate them to achieve success? Or have you simply squeezed out their hard work callously?

Success is measured as the overall satisfaction achieved by the company in terms of profits made, employee satisfaction, a safe workplace, advanced technology great infrastructure and customer satisfaction.

There is another important factor which should be considered, it is the interpersonal relationship with the employees. Any company can stand firm at times of trials, provided they have a strong bonding with their employees. Therefore, rate your company’s success if you consider your employee as an asset and not just a resource. One of the airliners’ had so much trust and concern for their employees that they barred a frequent traveler of that airline to travel in their airlines as he constantly complained about a particular air hostess on his every travel. The airline company did not question the air hostess ability or behavior as they had a huge trust on their employee’s ability and calibre. This shows that an employer cares about his employee and this defines the success of the company.

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it” so therefore measure your growth and success by working on every little detail that add to your success story.

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