How strong is your brand name? Do consumers still recognize you even if you remove your brand name?

Corporate Branding

A corporate branding is a practice to promote brand name of a corporate entity and not the product or the service. A brand name should be having a strong impact on the consumers so that it can be accepted without any hesitation or doubt. However, the scope of corporate branding is much broader and it creates an impact on various aspects of the company such as corporate identity, culture, sponsorship, brand extension, employment application etc. Corporate branding is not restricted to specific signs or name alone; it can incorporate multiple touch points, such as logo, customer service, quality, advertising, presentation, rapport etc. and all these are vital touch points because these points will influence the consumer’s perception of the brand.

Corporate branding will introduce your brand to the consumers, it will answer consumer’s curious questions such as “Who you are? What You Do? How you Do? Why you do? “The consumers will get a wider picture of your brand value. The most important point that keeps the consumers cling with your brand is the consistency. Have you seen some famous food outlets like McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut etc.; they consistently maintain every little detail of their style, taste, and presentation in all the outlets, worldwide. That makes the consumer closely associated with the brand. The corporate branding takes care of this aspect so that you the consumer can follow you anytime in any part of the world.

If you have not developed a corporate branding campaign, then you definitely need to follow some steps to make a strong corporate brand.

1> First you need to perform a brand audit, which means you need to analyze on your current brand identity, taglines, and its presentation. Look into various aspects and understand what are its strength and weakness. This will help you get a better picture of your brand value and then you can make your changes accordingly.

2> Have an open discussion with all the top leaders of the company and understand where you stand in terms of your goals, customers, product, and service. Their valid inputs will help to remove the barriers from emphasizing the brand name.

3> Talk to each and every employee and assess their perception about the company and how they perceive the brand value. This will ensure that your employees are falling in the same line as you perceive it.

4> Check on the visual aspect of your brand name, i.e. the logo and if it has to be altered in terms of color and style, you can get an expert review and understand the importance of implementing the changes. Your logo should be able to associate with the consumers for a long period of time.

5> All your ideas should be enforced based on some guidelines. So make strong guidelines for designing the logo and the brand name.

Finally, it is you who can be the best judge for your brand than anybody else, so have a strong understanding of your brand nature and develop a corporate brand which can make your consumer get closely associated with your brand.

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