Who’s got a story when your life depended on an internet connection? Ok, that was a bit dramatic. But I’m sure we’ve all been in a situation where our phone data connections have failed us at the most important time. We’ve been there several times myself.

Or there have been times we’ve had to turn on the airplane modes (on an airplane nonetheless) but forego the pricey Wifi service. No data again!

Now, imagine in this disconnected state, you run into a person who could be your future spouse, mentor, biz partner or just a swell person you’d want to stay in touch with. Of course, you wouldn’t know at that time but wouldn’t it be awesome to see how the relationship evolves? Do you hastily transact a number-on-a-napkin shake (where’s the napkin, and oh, could I borrow your pen)? …

We often get asked this question when we first describe AddyMate, quickly likened to Tinder & other swipe-to-like apps.

The answer is: it’s not. It’s your aide to connecting digitally for when you meet in real life without having to give up your personal details.

Unlike online dating apps you get to discover those who’re immediately around you at that time. We believe in organic, first-time, in-person, serendipitous connections whether they’re friendly, romantic or professional ones. We believe in the power of common friends & shared interests to form a bond over. We believe that by only showing you folks in your immediate vicinity you are able to make more personal, stronger connections. …

Once you’ve downloaded the AddyMate app, getting started takes only 3 steps. No, really!

  1. Signup by importing your social or professional profile from Facebook or LinkedIn — that’s one less login to remember!
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2. Add or remove any email addresses & phone numbers, or link other social media profiles.

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3. Save it to start sharing your profile with those nearby right away.

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At the heart of the AddyMate app are profiles that enable you to choose personas to share. We reuse the profile information from Facebook or LinkedIn to quickly suggest a pre-filled one to get started. …

Over the years, we’ve had a frustrating experience of successfully connecting with the people we’ve met in person in social as well as professional circles. It’s always been a clumsy exchange of business cards or then an immensely error prone process of playing speech-to-typing ping pong! Very often, context would be lost, meaningful conversations forgotten, & faces would dissolve into a generic blur. Or worse, numbers & names would be fat fingered resulting in missed connections.

After exhausting the search for an adequate solution, we decided to take on solving this on our own.

Enter AddyMate — an app that helps you connect with the people in real life without sacrificing your privacy. …



Connect with the people you meet IRL

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