Is it a dating app?

We often get asked this question when we first describe AddyMate, quickly likened to Tinder & other swipe-to-like apps.

The answer is: it’s not. It’s your aide to connecting digitally for when you meet in real life without having to give up your personal details.

Unlike online dating apps you get to discover those who’re immediately around you at that time. We believe in organic, first-time, in-person, serendipitous connections whether they’re friendly, romantic or professional ones. We believe in the power of common friends & shared interests to form a bond over. We believe that by only showing you folks in your immediate vicinity you are able to make more personal, stronger connections. Yup, we’re a little old-school like that.

Sure, attractiveness & personality will continue to form the basis of the first impression, but the AddyMate app picks up where you leave off. It aims to help you quickly establish the personal connection and continue the conversation from the coffee shop, sports event, house party, bar, networking event or even a trade conference long after you’ve met.

With the huge popularity of online dating apps, it has been seen that dating skews heavily to favoring matches between similarly attractive couples, but quality, long-term, happy relationships seem to have started due to introductions through friends or having met in-person at a social event.

It’s telling that even in this day & age of dating apps, people continue to make more meaningful connections in-person, and we aim to be there to facilitate & enhance those initial connections so that you form stronger, longer-lasting bonds.

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