Sea Moss Benefits and Side Effects

Checking the summary of a large study of sea moss health benefits based on scientific evidence. For more details, I advise you to see the original page.

Sea moss is a type of red algae that has been making the rounds. It is touted to have skincare benefits and health boosters. Algae widely used as a folk medicine in parts of British Isles and Caribbean.

Algae extracted from “carrageen.” The one you get from the stores are usually in gel form, as a liquid, or as something that you can mix with other ingredients.

Original Sea moss
Original Sea moss

What does it taste like?

Sea moss has a strong flavor that will remind you the sea. Without washing, you will take much of salty flavor. Algae is not often taken in large doses, either. When just starting out with sea moss, take a little bit to mix with other ingredients. This way, you won’t feel as if you have just eaten a big chunk of seaweed.

So, what are the benefits that people are craving from sea moss?

The taste does not seem appealing unless you mix it with other ingredients. So, why are people taking a chance with sea moss? Irish moss, which is its alternative name, reportedly has an extensive range of benefits:

  • It provides ample thyroid support because of iodine.
  • Its consistency helps soothe the mucus membranes, thus promoting digestive health and exterior skin health.
  • It has compounds that contain antiviral and antibacterial properties, which can help keep your immune system in tiptop shape.
  • It is rich in potassium, thus allowing to support mental health. Sea moss is useful for children with ADD and various ailments, including anxiety, depression, and even fibromyalgia.
  • It is a vegan source of collagen. Collagen supports the body in bone strengthening and brain function improvement.
  • Its antiseptic properties benefit skin health, helping the skin get rid of conditions, such as eczema, acne, dermatitis, and more.
  • It helps relieve muscle and joint pain.
  • It detoxifies the blood.
  • It lowers blood pressure and supports weight loss.
  • It assists in the regulation of hormones.

With so much going on from just one little ingredient, some may be tempted to call sea moss a miracle. However, it is not perfect. It also has side effects that you should be wary about.

What are the side effects caused by sea moss?

Sea moss has its share of side effects when taken at large volumes or taken the wrong way.

  • Too much seaweed consumption can lead to jaundice or yellowing of the skin.
  • Too much of it can increase your iodine fast, making you susceptible to thyroid disorders.
  • It can cause fever, and nausea to the point of vomiting if taken too much.

So, looks like sea moss is pretty safe until you decide to take too much. Pregnant and breastfeeding women, however, are warned not to take sea moss at all. Studies regarding their effects on pregnant women and their unborn children have not been extensive.

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