Functional Energy Maintenance

Are you as glad as I am that December is here? November did its best to bring me down. A pinched nerve derailed my running. There was an unexpected death in the family. Then there was the typical stress of interstate travel over Thanksgiving. And just as the worst of it seemed to be over I came down with a cold. Ughh.

Poor me, I know.

Normally I wouldn’t bore you with my personal problems, but I have been concentrating on methods for maintaining functional energy levels and I want to share some of my secrets in case the doldrums are threatening you, too.

My philosophy of energy management is contained in these four stories:

1. Boosters and Drainers
 How to create the illusion of inexhaustible energy

2. The Flywheel Formula
 Find out how energy management can lead to breakthrough

3. Doom Loop Triggers
 How to overcome the bad stuff that would throw normal people into a tailspin

4. How to Trigger Flow States with Coffee
 Most of us are fueled by caffeine, but are you doing it wrong?

Keep your heads up, friends. Thanks for reading. To send me a little jolt of energy you could applaud or share this story. Stay creative.