It isn’t unusual to get in discussions around the finer points of UI: typography of navigation & labels. Should they be all caps? Just icons? Icons with labels?
Design UI for Recognition More than for Reading
Ryan Nance

This does a great job of illustrating the tension that happens in a designer’s mind when balancing the user experience with aesthetic improvements.

“I want alignment, so all caps appeals to me visually. Legibility is improved by lower case, am I willing to sacrifice alignment?”

“I want to reduce visual complexity so I prefer buttons with short text. But I realize longer text would reduce confusion.”

“I have limited space, so compact icons are the obvious solution. But I realize that this will decrease comprehension and potentially cause user errors.”

“Our style guide tells me to do X but if I break the rule it will improve the user experience. Do I break the rule to help a user or follow our standards and respect our brand?”

Seemingly simple decisions carry big consequences and that is what makes a designer’s job a constant challenge.

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