InvestFeed — the social investment network for crypto currency


In the coming days ICO will start an investFeed project — a revolutionary social investment network for crypto currency.

Platform developers plan to introduce transparency and ease of use in the field of crypto-currency. As early as 2014, the social investment platform operates, where the number of participants is 15,000, of which 78% are professional traders. Thanks to this platform, participants can establish business relationships and acquire new knowledge.

InvestFeed will be an information center, with important news publications, market data, information about existing and future projects, and integrated portfolio management.

Main feature

As mentioned earlier, this will be a multifunctional platform that will provide various options:

  1. Data on the market of crypto-currencies, charts and price analysis on various exchanges;

2. Wallet and stock exchange integration (will be given the opportunity to trade directly through the platform);

3. Tools for trading:

4. Social network for traders and market participants;

5. Publication of articles and information notes

And much more.

The feed marker itself will be used for the following purposes:

  1. Purchase of premium content;
  2. Advertising your own content;
  3. Access to higher-level trading instruments;
  4. Purchase of a subscription without advertising;
  5. Monetize your own knowledge and experience in the field of crypto-currency.

Selling tokens

The sale of tokens will begin right now. The minimum threshold is 1500ETH, the maximum threshold is 28000ETH. The earlier you make a deposit, the more will be your bonus.

The funds are collected from July 23 to August 7. 5% of tokens will remain in the use of the team, 1.5% of tokens — generosity and promotions, 2% — when using consultants.


The project is quite interesting, and can contribute something new to the crypto industry. On the upcoming ICO, very soon it will be possible to draw conclusions about whether this idea has appealed to the crypto community or not.

For more information please join or also see their whitepaper details at

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Username: Sonic212

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