The rise of Developer Advocates and its impact on the dev community
Yvo Schaap

I’m a Developer Advocate and one of the things I work on is AMP. However I disagree with you about my job description. I started doing this in 2010 and as you can see from that blog post my job isn’t about suppressing feedback.

On the contrary the most successful Developer Advocates listen, collect feedback and work with product teams to turn it into changes that make their platforms better.

Whilst one aspect of the job is advocating internally on behalf of developers another is advocating externally on behalf of your platform. That means anything from explaining what your platform is trying to achieve (via blog posts, improved documentation, answering questions on Stack Overflow, and creating better samples) to respectfully disagreeing when someone else is (in your opinion) wrong.

However I appreciate that when you disagree with someone that has a bigger audience than you it can feel like you’re being shouted down. That’s never been our intention and we try to always encourage a respectful dialogue. This is especially important when we disagree with people.

Finally I just want to add that Paul Bakaus’s article was not a response to Alex Kras’s article. I’ve been seeing drafts of it since May.

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