The Tortoise in the Hat

If the title sounds like a popular Dr. Seuss story (I’m a big fan!), it’s indeed a deliberate approach to examine different African Cultures within the context of the Tortoise in different hats.


Lately, my team has been mulling over the idea of a different approach to packaging African Cultures for kids globally. This approach is informed by the following objectives:

(1) Primarily to educate kids globally and foster understanding of these Cultures among them.

(2) Provide supplemental tools for teaching related subjects.

While I’ll be capturing much of the foregoing background in a future piece, we decided to start with a simple illustration.

Why the Tortoise?

The Tortoise is an interesting character from my perspective and those familiar with West-African folklores. It led my team to the creation of “The Adventures of the Tortoise” app; a growing collection of West-African Folktales and games about the Tortoise. Stories in the app are adapted to different African Cultures with unique features as names, dressings, sceneries & theme songs.

While we continue working on other stories to grow the collection, we thought it might be exciting to explore creative ways around the character to achieve the foregoing objectives.

The flagship is told from the perspective of Hats as explained by the title.

The Tortoise in the Hat


As with other offerings from my team, this is meant as an open-ended community-driven approach, hence feel free to share interesting stuffs you know about African Cultures, their distinct feature and references and I’ll put my team’s creative skills to play vis-à-vis subsequent illustrations. I hope it makes for a great learning resource. It would be a pleasure to see how much interest it generates especially among kids, hence recommend! You could also request for a high resolution version by simply dropping me a note.

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