General View
Before the invention of ledger exchange system, the centralized exchange system was the norm of the day but due to the insecurity and the manipulations that is rampant in the localized system, the invention of the ledger exchange system came to life. However, the invention of the ledger-system was to totally solve the problems of the localized system but this ledger exchange operations are slow and lack high liquidity but has a great security and isn't transparent enough to satisfy its users. Moreover, the localized exchange system has a high speed of transactions coupled with high liquidity, but these qualities are lacking in the ledger financial system. Due to the inefficiencies in both systems, DAEX has emerged to create a standardized system that will entail all the good features of both localized and ledger exchange systems and thereby removing the limitations thereof in order to provide a great satisfactory exchanges systems with no limitations.


DAEX symbolizes “digital_assets_exchanges" which is an openly distributed ledger clearing system. This exchange system is crafted in order to dispense the needed solutions for the centralized ledger exchanges which are based on de-centralized ledger operations and smart agreement contracts. This system is created and controlled by the DAEX foundation which is signed into the Switzerland registry form. The establishment of this network created a glaring association with some institutions such as the US temple university, 8 decimal capital, Qtum establishment, 360 and much more. To cut the story short, this system has engaged in discussions with numerous exchange operations which included the Huobi, bittrex, bitstamp, and the lbank.info.

This amazing setup is offering a standard infrastructure system in order to change the way digital money exchange is carried out. This is achieved by seizing the core side of the sure security industry and by making the businesses an opened one for entryways. As a matter of fact, the distribution system and the so-called clearing operations will be embedded into different structures. This unified form of trading will definitely be managed by the strong exchange organizations and the clearing work will be left for the strong clearing organizations to be managed also. This structure is brought together by the awesome team behind this great project. 
The great difference between the localized clearing organizations and the clearing system DAEX offers; is that the clearing operations offer by this setup relies on a sure de-centralized security system operations. 
This innovation is to make sure that all trades and trade are profitably controlled, greatly cleared and transactions are duly carried out and settled.


This system provides a security trading system that suspends all users assets in the block chain and cannot be shifted with the system authorization.

The system also provides a resource allocation that allows a good clearing of work to be in operation effective.

DAEX also promise high transparency operations within the system and thereby increasing the user's trust towards the system.

The clearing of exchanges will help the system to focus more on the core work. This system will also provide a reduced price of transactions within the system.

DAEX Token (DAX):
• Ticker: DAX
• Token type: ERC20
• ICO Token Price: 1 DAX = 0.0700 USD
• Fundraising Goal: 86,200,000 USD (127,187 ETH)
• Total Tokens: 2,000,000,000
• Available for Token Sale: 30%
• Know Your Customer (KYC): YES (SINCE 17 AUG, PASS )
• Accepts: ETH, BTC, NEO, QTUM


More Details
Site: https://www.daex.io/
Whitepaper: https://www.daex.io/daexPaper.do
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DaexBlockchain
Message: https://www.t.me/DAEXOfficial
Bounty ox username: Adepeter