Life Marine Safety Supplies are only the Beginning

Sailing, boating or cruising, whatever you may like to call it has become simpler over the decades. Sailing is no longer a back bending daunting challenge. Motorised boats, automated systems, tons of gadgets and lucid rules have simplified sailing or cruising. However, maritime adventures can become risky if you are not cautious, proactive and safe. You would certainly need life marine safety supplies, essentials such as a VHF marine radio and you may also consider liferaft hire but these are only the beginning. Marine safety transcends the supplies and essentials you have.

• You must participate in safety drills. There are many people who own a boat or yacht but they do not attend safety drills themselves. Knowing a bit about such drills is not the same as participating in them. Also, many people don’t take such drills seriously. The blame doesn’t always rest upon the sailor or the owner of the boat. At times the instructors or conductors of the drills are not too enthused and they fail to emphasise how significant the drills are. Do not take them casually.

• You can easily come up with a list of life marine safety supplies you need. You can access such lists online and you can certainly get advice at a store. The real task is to manage these supplies, to store them aptly and to know what lies where and how to use which one. There are various safety gears aboard a ship or boat. There are survival suits, life rafts, personal floatation devices, first aid kits, fire extinguishers and other types of safety equipment. Operating a VHF marine radio may seem simple but it wouldn’t be so when the weather turns against you and there is poor reception. Even very high frequency is not a completely failsafe radio band.

• One of the quintessential needs is to have a personal survival kit or bag for every individual onboard. This bag can be called the abandon ship bag. Everyone must be trained to use the gears or items in this kit. This kit should have everything that one needs from the time of an emergency breaking out to being rescued or getting to the shore without any help at one’s disposal. Such a kit should have first aid, water, medications if needed, some food, flares, whistles, survival radio which must be waterproof and binoculars. You may not be cast away or marooned but it is safer to be proactive and well provisioned.

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