My Challenge during myAndela fellowship application.

There is always this feeling I believe everybody has when we have a challenge or when we are faced with our fears. There is always an option of either running or fighting — there is a saying that Running can sometimes not be a symptoms of cowardice but can be a symbol of wisdom, because you can live to fight another day; but not in the context of facing our fear and taking up a challenge. Avoiding such challenge does not just show cowardice but also lack of faith and self confidence. We have all had a challenge one time or the other but i will use this medium to tell my story of how I faced my challenge and how getting feedback helped me in overcoming it….it’s all about Growth mindset.

Before I applied for the Andela application, I of-course did my research to know what it entails and I heard a lot from different fellows and also via the internet. The part that almost made me quit is that it is tougher to get into Andela than Harvard but while I was speaking to some Fellows and while they tell me about their experience, I became energized and I was determined to take up the challenge believing if they can get in , i can.

The journey has started, I applied and I took the Plum test. I now have to take the home study test and study a totally strange language to me — Python. During this session, I realized I had few weeks to study the language and write codes for the home study test without which I can not move to the next stage of the application process.

I wont deceive you , I had different encouraging words from different friends and fellows and speaking with them from time to time was strength to me that I can also pass it and succeed.

Writing the codes and testing it was headache — -I believe you understand what I’m talking about. Errors upon errors, debugging again and again….jeez, it was an headache, but each time I’m stuck there are people around me that reminds me i can also do it. At last, i was able to pass all the test in the code and submit the home study.

Despite the anticipation for the invitation mail for the next stage of the application, “The Interview”, i was still surprise when i saw the mail. Then there was this satisfaction and the feeling that the hard work pay off at last.

Oh, you think that was the end of the challenge? Oh no, it wasn't. I have to face the next stage and convince the interviewer I’m the right guy for the fellowship. The interview was fun, no tension, the Fellows are just too fun, I enjoyed it, not too serious and at the end of the interview I was happy I was able to convince the interviewer.

Hurray!, yeah, I got the invitation for the boot camp. I have overcome the previous challenges, I am in the boot camp now, I am ready for the next phase, I can overcome this too, i can do it so bring it on…

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