My experience in Andela Bootcamp.

This is the third day of the home study session of the bootcamp. It hasn’t been easy; like the saying life is not a bed of roses. I slept really late yesterday with a terrible headache and my butt hurt really bad because I sat for a very long hours coding and doing some research in the areas i don’t know much as the task for each day demands. Yesterday was a day i had to read up a lot of documentation and try out some new stuffs. I ended up taking medication just to enjoy the little hours of sleep i have and ease my aching body. I woke up this morning with a bit of relief and i had to summon all the strength and courage i have to take up today’s challenge.

The tasks for today require the bootcamper implementing binary search algorithm and it also has some requirements the program most pass. It was really a pain before i could get this done. I had to try so many implementations and also consider the efficiency of those implementations. The other task was a bit easy compare to the binary search implementation. The second task involves comparing arrays and finding the missing number. This was a bit easier than the binary search algorithm. Mind you, easy does not mean cheap, but i found this a little less challenge than the binary counterpart, it might not be so for other bootcampers.

The third aspect was my headache, i mean it. It has really been a long time i have develop a web page without any framework…lazy me right? I know. But this really made me revisit CSS and HTML because the last task require me to design a web page with just HTML and CSS. I was forced to write CSS codes… CSS is something i don’t like writing even when i was a “serious person”… don’t mind my humor, I am really lazy at writing CSS code.

My first challenge was trying to decide the type of web page i want to design that will require few lines of CSS and will be as good as possible. Then an idea came up and i started coding. Remember i mentioned that it has been a while i have done serious CSS coding? So each time i wanted to do some stuffs or add some features but couldn’t remember how it goes… Google always comes to my rescue. After like 1–2 hrs, I was able to come up with a simple webpage. It really has been fun. It has been challenging. Welcome to Andela Bootcamp. TIA!! the place of awesomeness.