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There are many types of attacks that we can suffer through the network. Many threats that aim to steal our information, data, introduce malware on devices. However, one of the problems that have increased the most in recent times is phishing.

Before we proceed, we will clarify what phishing is, for the purpose that some of the readers do not have it completely clear. …

Top 3 ways to boost SEO with Website localization

The importance of organic SEO in the growth of a business cannot be overstated, most notably when such firms are looking to target a local market. Website localization involves a lot of careful and strategic planning. If these steps are correctly applied, you could be doing more harm than good in terms of Website optimization.

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Recognizing that people tend to relate more with contents written in their language outlines the need to structure your website for local contents. This is emphasized by the fact that more than 85% of internet users say having access to information in their language is essential when making an online purchase decision. …

DISSOCIATIVE DISORDER: A Mental health issue

When talking about mental health issues, one cannot but mention the effects of dissociative disorders as it affects us as humans.

Dissociation, as the name implies, is a mental process of disconnecting from one’s thoughts, feelings, memories, or sense of identity. Individuals who suffer from one dissociative disorder or the other use dissociation as a defense mechanism, pathologically and involuntarily.

The article is focused on a particular type of DD which is called the DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) also known as multiple personality disorder, and it is a situation where there is a presence of at least two varied personalities in one person. …


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