Bimillahir Rahmaan ir Raheem

To begin, let us all praise Allah together, take a tiny bit of our time to reflect upon Allah, His attributes, and His great bounties that He has bestowed upon us, to thank Him that He has given us yet another opportunity to come together and remember the great personalities of Mohammad wa aale mohammad who taught us everything there is to know about our Creator and this life.

All praise belongs to Allah, the one and only, who causes death and then brings us back to life, the one who has appointed for each and every one of us a determined limit, and an apparent period. So all praise be to Allah who has fixed for each and everyone of us our time on this Earth.

Now I would like you all to use your imagination, think for a moment there is a person right now who is giving away tabarruk, food bags, those same white or brown paper bags which have food inside, that we all eagerly wait for at the end of a majlis right(and that’s a very good thing, we should!) but when u open these bags today… somebody just imagine may be sent from heaven is distributing these and. when u open them instead of food u find money inside them. Like real money…50’s, 100 dollar bills and what have u. Each and every one of us in this room gets one… (i know right… we wish…. )

But then u see a person without even counting the money, without knowing how much she has and she needs the money too.. it’s not like she’s super rich.. she is not someone who doesn’t need money, but u see a person is passing around her money from that bag to others without even counting hers. So two main things.. she doesn’t even know how much she has and she needs that money too. Now what will you think of such a person? Her top floor’s may be empty or something’s terribly wrong with her right?

But in the end, money can eventually come back right? Like she definitely needs the money, but what if she has a decent job, or

May be she believes money can come back, she can and she will earn it back someday and money lost today can be earned back some day and even more

BUT Now the question is.. what about our time? Why are we so easily giving it away?

Because the only thing that is quintessentially yours, that truly belongs to you is TIME. If someone asks what truly belongs to you, completely absolutely, it is your time. Unless you choose to give it away, your time is yours and your time is YOU! Your very self, your existence on this planet… Giving away of your time is like giving away yourself.. something that can never come back, something we don’t even know how much of it we have left! That is why the saying…. spend from your wealth and it is not enough.. but when u spend from your time, that is the true charity, true giving….

But then why? Why Every few minutes we have to check our phone… we constantly want to stay connected… every few minutes… 15–20 minutes of social media, every other day, every day 2 hours for a movie, more if you go to the cinema, for the time that it takes to go and come, 1 hour for a tv show.. and then the binging that we often do..

Oh I waited the whole 3 months, I waited the whole season now I’m gonna watch the whole season in one night.. or two nights..

Now Don’t take me wrong, it’s not like Islam or Allah is against relaxing, using time to unwind, spending fun time together with the family, quite the opposite, and alhumdolillah we all know much better but the problem is when we go a little over board with spending something as valuable and as priceless as our time … to be online… just so we are connected?

Islam has not come to burden us or over burden us with one ruling after another, it has come to free us, from our ownselves, from our own cages, just like a bird in a cage, we and our hearts becomes caged by this transient world and whatever it contains, we forget we have been sent to live a free life, a unique fulfilling life, connected to the creator of the Universe, who is the infinite source of peace and positivity, and we have been sent to achieve just one goal in our life. And we can achieve it if we choose our time wisely.

And that one goal that is at the center of Islam, at the center of the teachings of Ahlal Bayt, which is the hadith of Imam Ali (AS), it’s like this, when you join the two loops of Islam, one which has all the rulings and ahkaam associated to the individual, and the other associated to the community, on one hand, it says, sit alone, worship, reflect, and on the other, it says go out be with the family, in your community, all the social, political, ethical aspects of Islam. Why? When you join both the loops together, at the center of both these loops is the saying of Imam Ali (as) when he said

قد عرف نفسه فقد عرف ربه

Whoever recognizes himself, recognizes His Lord!

But then when u look around.. in this day and age of technology, there’s so much to be aware of, so much to keep up with, so much to be in the loop of, and so much to see.. and yes.. it is so important so so very important.. you get a notification on your phone of that fala person.. that so and so person has posted a picture on their social media account and it’s very important that you swipe it right away, but when you open, you find out it’s one of the many like 50–100 pictures from a whole album of their recent event or trip and before u know it, u end up spending 10 minutes browsing through their pictures…. and who is that person… your cousin’s aunty’s son’s mother in law’s uncle’s brother’s friend’s sister’s daughter! Ok i guess I went too far but could be any random person on your social media account. One picture takes you to another, and then sometimes you are enticed to post your own pictures, or end up googling similar events or searching for similar places even if you have the time or resources to go for a trip right now or not or sometimes it’s a post that takes you to another post or another. In short, it’s a loop, it’s definitely a loop, once you are in, it’s hard to come out!

And all this has been designed as such on purpose! Because if there is one thing that Shaittan wants to do is to keep you, Busy? No! Super busy! Connected, distracted? No! Hyper connected and hyper distracted! Why? Because he wants to keep our minds away from achieving that one goal of knowing ourselves and hence recognizing our Lord!

This world wants to distract you! It’s constantly trying that! It’s trying and it has given you it’s own template! It’s telling you, to be this, you have to do this, to achieve this, you have to take these steps, to fit in the society, you need to be doing this!

But this is exactly what is farsh e aza, this commemoration, this azadari of Aba Abdillahil Hussain teaces us. To create your own template in this world! To design your own fate, to color in your own destiny and if we choose, spend our time wisely, we can create our own website!!! No sorry! (too much time spent online these days?!) What I meant to say is to create your own LIFE! Sallu Ala Mohammad wa Aale Mohammad!

So Shaitaan wants us to be occupied! Just like constantly eating factory made highly processed food, food filled with all sorts of unwanted chemicals and loaded with sugar will keep your body sick, in the same way, all this visual and audible junk in the world will keep your mind and soul sick! Just like we are what we eat, we are also what we see and hear, the books we read, the shows we watch and the people we are interacting with, be it online or in real life!

And all of this is happening under a well thought out plan of the food, pharmaceutical and the media industry. We as Muslims should know that, Allah says it clearly in the Quran that Shaitaan is your open enemy and so there are people, or should we say agents of shaitaan on this Earth who come together and devise plans to ruin and disrupt the peace and security in this world. To disturb and destroy the lives of the people! Just like there’s out there in the open, these weapons of mass destruction, these are the hidden WEAPONS OF MIND DESTRUCTION AND DISTRACTION!

We as followers of Ahlalbayt and those sitting on this unparalleled and unmatched majlis of Imam Hussain should be foremost in knowing this and take steps to bring peace back in our lives and the lives of other people, so we can help and support the Hussain of our time when Imam Mahdi (aj) returns inshallah.

Now you will say all this was the problem where is the solution?

So the solution: Just like we go on a food cleanse, body detox, we have to go on a social media detox. Make a schedule for every day, have a plan, keep away your phone and if u must keep your phone, turn off social media notifications or better yet keep them off of your phone and limited to your desktop or laptop something u don’t have access to all the time. Limit your screen time and even as adults we have to do it. Put reminders and alarms. Instead of those constant notifications, have something that reminds u to pray on time, read one page, few verses, something from the quran everyday even if it’s the same single verse everyday until it sinks in, until u start practicing on it and save the excuses, it’s not about having time, it’s about making time. Try and finish your school project, not on time, ahead of time, finish your chores of the day before time so u have some free time at the end, apart from the time you need to relax and spend time so you can try and achieve that one goal in life.

And lastly just one more example to explain the reality of this dunya of this world… when asked what is this world? A scholar said that this world this life is just like the mountains…

When we go among the mountains and speak, raise our voice and talk loudly, what happens? We hear our voices coming back, our own sound waves bounce off the mountains and come back to us… the sound echoes… the same thing happens in this world.. it’s only a matter of time.. everything we give away… comes back to us eventually, If we give this world, it’s people positive thoughts, kindness, positive actions, goodness, it all comes back to us what we call positive vibes that is why we are actually being kind to ourselves when we are thinking and acting positively and if we give away negative thoughts, meanness, jealousy, hatred, evilness, they all eventually come back to us one day… whether in this world or the next…. it’s just a matter of time!

Now this doesn’t mean everybody who suffers in this world is because they did something wrong with others, but sometimes Allah chooses His servants so they can be tested

And some choose to offer sacrifices for the sake of Allah for the goodness and the guidance of all humanity. Just like Imam Hussain….

and it was just a matter of time, just a few days to an year when time showed who was positive, and who has won!

When Yazid freed Imam Sajjad and Bibi Zainab from his prison in Syria, Bibi zainab said we will accept this freedom only if you fulfill our three demands.

She asks that all the severed heads of her family members be given back, all their looted belongings, their chadors and their veils be given back and they be given a house where they can cry for their loved ones.

And lastly to have a guide, someone who is acquainted with the way so he can take them to Karbala on their way back to Madina

I don’t know what it must have been like for her, the same Zainab who left from Madina, the caravan had 63 camels, now this caravan is going back on just 3 or 4 camels. I don’t know about the pain she must have been feeling when they reached Karbala. Did she and all the other women wait for the camels to stop or did they drop themselves from the camel backs.

How hard it must have been for all the ladies to go to the graves of their loved ones. How hard it must have been for Umme Farwa to go to the grave of Qasim, for Umme Laila to go to the grave of Ali Akbar, for Umme Rabab to go to the grave of Ali Asghar and how hard it must have been for bibi Zainab and all the ladies to go near the Euphrates River for they have remembered Abbas and his severed hands, and they would have remembered the thirsty lips of Imam Hussain……



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