The state of internet marketing in 2016, according to Adeel Chowdhry

My name is Adeel Chowdhry and I am passionate about building successful and profitable online businesses. The internet provides us with limitless possibilities when it comes to business, and plenty of people are already taking advantage of this. The key to success is knowing where the opportunities lie and employing effective strategies for internet marketing success.

For anyone interested in starting an online business or growing their existing business online, this article will help you to understand the state of internet marketing in 2016 and the routes you can take to get into it.

Lead Generation
All marketing, online or offline, is about generating leads. Different marketing methods fall in and out of favour depending on the latest trends, so you have to keep up with the latest developments or risk falling behind. It’s important to figure out which methods are the best ways of generating leads online for your business.

Social media, email marketing and SEO are all examples of marketing campaigns you can implement online to generate leads and build an income with your online business. Below are a few of the hot topics in internet marketing in 2016.

Content Marketing
For the last couple of years, online content has been king, and this doesn’t look like it’s set to change in 2016. According to Demand Metric, in 2015 content marketing generated three times as many leads for businesses as traditional marketing methods did, while costing 62% less to implement.

In 2016, internet marketers should be upping their content game with more interactive content. Content such as videos, slideshows and podcasts are all much more engaging than a simple article, so they are more likely to draw the attention of your potential customers and encourage them to share your content, creating more backlinks to your website or your profile.

The variety of readily available tools to create such interactive content makes it much easier and cost effective to do than it was even a few years ago, and you don’t have to be a genius with technology or a professional designer.

Affiliate Marketing
One of the beauties of internet marketing is that you can create income streams that mean you can continue to earn money without actively having to work at it. Affiliate marketing is one of the best strategies for creating numerous streams of income, which can add up to significant earnings.

Affiliate marketing involves a mutually beneficial between an affiliate and a merchant. For anyone who is still unsure about how it works, let me explain. When someone signs up for an affiliate program with a merchant, they agree to feature links and banner ads on their website that link to the merchant’s website. If someone visits the affiliate’s website and clicks on the link to the merchant’s from this source, and then makes a purchase on the merchant’s site, then the affiliate gets a pre-agreed amount of credit for the transaction. So, the affiliate gets money for the actions of the website visitors, and the merchant benefits from a form of advertising, which they only pay for when a successful result is achieved.

Affiliate marketing has become increasingly popular amongst internet marketers over the last decade, and it looks like it will continue to grow at an impressive rate. Platforms such as ClickBank, an affiliate tracking platform, have provided marketers with success through affiliate schemes. On its own, ClickBank has driven over $3 billion dollars in sales since its inception. You can find affiliates to promote your products, products to promote yourself, and if you are part of an affiliate network, these tracking platforms allow you to track conversions from the websites of your affiliate partners.

The real value in affiliate marketing is creating your own online product or business and utilising affiliate networks to promote your own products. This is a proven and cost-effective way to drive more traffic to your website, generate more leads and make more sales.

Internet Marketing Courses
Another route internet marketers are increasingly using to generate income online is through digital training courses. Udemy has become a particularly popular platform for online courses and tutorials. You can become a Udemy instructor for free and you don’t even need to have any teaching experience; you just need a good level of knowledge on the subject you are teaching, and the skills and desire to deliver engaging and digestible tutorials to help people learn new skills online. If you consider yourself to be an authority on a particular topic, Udemy could be a great way to earn some extra income and build your own personal brand online. The website states that the average earnings for instructors on Udemy is $8,000, and you can get started today, for free!

As well as those looking to get paid for teaching, these platforms are also useful for anyone looking to get into internet marketing and learn information and techniques for getting started and growing a successful online business. Courses are available on a variety of subjects, including internet marketing, and some of them are even available completely free, while others, you must pay for, with a range of prices associated with different courses.

There are plenty of opportunities out there for creating additional streams of income online in 2016, and lots of marketing opportunities to help you make your online business a success. You can check out ClickBank and Udemy for starters, but do some research and find some reputable, proven schemes to get you started in internet marketing in 2016.

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