Eat that Frog with a Pomodoro:

I used this technique for reading The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork from John Maxwell. I worked according to the suggestions like, put a timer of 25 minutes and and start reading when the first time bell rung I just complete the reading,I marked the tick on paper. For second time it takes less time and I completed reading before the alarm bell. At third time it take less time than second attempt and at four time it becomes very easy for me. I read these rules much easier and earlier than former attempts. This is my first time to use the Pomodoro technique. This experiment is not very difficult but I am not used to this technique, in this way I gained more and have clear idea about those rules. I will definitely do this technique for tough activities in future and I hope it works. I will try to expand the time from 25 to 30 minutes and will give my total intention to that activity so I can attentively understand the work.

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