Practicing happiness to boost your success

Here are the 5 question about happiness

1) What specifically impacts our happiness and how can we shift it?

Human mind is very sensitive and they try hard to make themselves happy. Everything which is beneficial for us give us happiness and there are many other things which impact our happiness such as we got some thing new, there will be chances that we start thinking on it that how I will manage it, Is it good for me or not? These kinds of things impact our happiness for instance too much tension, stress, and burden of doing the things right impact our happiness.

2) What are the five key steps that we can take each day to increase our experience of happiness?

If you take my example, I try to meet every person with good smile and happy face, help them in their difficulties, go to gym for exercise purpose is that to relax my body, try to finish my project before 6 pm it really gives me happiness, serve dinner to my family.

3) How are you using this information to increase the success of organizations and leaders?

Happiness is necessary for human body, and if you are sad then there is less chance that people like you on this. If you are happy there is more chances that you will work hard and try to increase the productivity of your organization and also for think better for yourself.

4) What is the Happiness Advantage exactly?

Happiness advantage is that you become tension free. There is improvement in your personality. Such as if you are student and you completed your degree with gold medal this is the happiness and in future, companies will hire you as you are hard worker and got gold medal by your university.

5) As an expert in positive psychology, what do you know about happiness that the rest of us don’t?

Happiness is the key to success and one this is more do not make any hard decision when you are happy, it will give you loss in future. Try to change yourself accordingly.

5 steps of positive attitude

Shawn Anchor is motivational speaker and he is the winner of teaching awards at Harvard University, where he delivered lectures on positive psychology His TED talk is one of the most popular of all time with over 4 million views. He told 5 steps of happiness which are: gratitude, journaling, exercise, meditation, and random acts of kindness.

In this week I did gratitude and random acts of kindness such as sending Email to all Amal Alumni and generating funds for Edhi foundation. These kinds of acts i did in whole week. This shows my positive attitude.

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