Green is now front and center
Howard Marks

Yes, it takes many failures to eventually get to success. That should be a discussion on it’s own.

I think that with the rise of crowdfunding in a diverse and intricate way, there is going to be that much more of a likelihood to invest in reputations. But it’s very important to think of all the considerations and to enable organic and enlightened constructs in order to be able to do so. Because, we do not want to have the constructs put too much pressure on an individual and/or a team. That’s not necessarily a debate about ethics, but more about the design of the crowdfunding constructs.

I’ve been following Elon for a number of years and I’ve always believed that Elon was going to revolutionize multiple industries. Yes, you are right, it takes the right kind of environment for individuals like Elon to grow, thrive and foster and it is accurate that specific geographic regions across the United States do provide that opportunity, in a Steve Blank sense (Silicon Valley built on effective altruism and the only place where artists can thrive).

Tesla and Solar City merger makes total sense. It also makes sense to spin off companies so that innovation can occur on a faster rate and then bring the company into the fold of a parent organization at a later point in time so that a greater percentage of the market share can be captured. I believe that this was part of Elon’s vision, as in, the solar panels, the electric cars and the batteries from the get go. I sent out a couple of tweets to Elon a couple years back to think of merging some aspects of the company and to also create a lab type setting with the intent of going into other areas without that move taking the focus away from what is outlined task. This is a complex endeavour, but it can be done. GE has done it successfully and so have others. There is not a reason why Elon cannot do it as well. The key it to time the T1 and T2 cycles that Thiel and Hoffman talk about (in a talk given in China), whereby the time it takes to get to market and the time is takes to get copied is kept into consideration at all times. Elon has cracked this code. I suspect that with the way manufacturing is evolving, it is my hunch that users will be purchasing rights to design vs the actual physical hardware itself. But that model may be a couple of years to a decade out (or more).

I sense that the business models are about to change very rapidly. I think the power of networks is going to be an integral unit of any innovation model that is emerging will emerge in the future.

Now you see, if we can figure out a way of ‘scaling teams’ rapidly and then we can reform the financial system, here, with a specific angle with crowd-funding. Then doing this right could help us enable industries of the future in a relatively short amount of time. A brief glimpse into the idea of scaling teams rapidly here → Note, this is just a part of a larger vision as many many sub problems need to be solved.

Overall, we are evolving beyond this model of capital being applied to x number of companies with the intent that a few of them will succeed across a vertical. And then the few that remain will garner the majority of the market cap.

This very evolution is now centres around networks. I have an evolving set of ideas of how this could be accomplished and I’ve worked on trying to figuring out how the sub-ideas might actually work. Kurzweil is correct, the sum $40 Trillion of growth seems accurate (LOAR article from 2001). Could be a lot more.