Why Master the ‘1 Skill’, Ryan Biddulph Explains

We know that no one can be multi-talented when it comes to the individuality.

Multitasking could just only work for an hour or two but not really feasible to do for the days and months. That’s not really healthy for our brain to keep going with multitasking.

And when one is the doctor, the same person cannot become very good at being an engineer. If he does try to be, neither he’d do good with doctorship nor engineering.

So, that’s live video from Ryan Biddulph is for you to learn the importance of “1 skill”.

Be the master at 1 skill and make it a lovely part of your life. Live for it.

How Ryan Biddulph wants you to learn and stick to “1 skill” idea to prosper in our lives

No words for it. Just watch his live video he did on the FaceBook.

Source: http://adeelsami.com/why-master-1-skill-ryan-biddulph-explains/

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